To date, FEED collaborates with the following agencies to implement its Students & Volunteers for the Environment (SAVE) and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) tree-planting and scholarships programs:

We invite individuals and organisations to get engaged in the preservation and conservation of agriculture, forestry, fisheries and livelihood development for poverty alleviation, sustainable development, water, energy & food security.

FEED believes in partnerships as a means to converging efforts across multidisciplinary fields, whether from private sector involvement in supporting further education & research in agriculture and forestry, to individual, corporate and NGO support in our tree-planting activities, scholarship programs and social forestry/livelihood development projects.

Furthermore, FEED is an Earth Charter Endorser, and Signatory of the UN Global Compact, and Global Partnership for Business & Biodiversity, as policy guidance frameworks to develop sustainability strategies based on universal principles and to encourage innovative initiatives and partnerships with civil society, governments and other stakeholders.

To explore partnering with FEED Inc, please contact:

Banaue Rice Terraces, The Philippines

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