“Let thy food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”: FEED Announces Sabrina Artadi as its Newest Ambassador

11 October 2021, San Juan, La Union. Written by Jesse Cruz, FEED Intern 2021. Former Miss Philippines Sabrina Artadi, is the latest nominee approved as a FEED Ambassador, thanks to her consistent efforts and devotion to alleviating the plight of the poor.

Super Caldo Sundays at Missionaries of the Poor

Super Caldo Sundays is one way she is always remembered by, as Sabrina spends most of her yearly Sundays at the Missionaries of the Poor delivering turmeric based arroz caldo with malunggay, no fail.

With Jongky Surf School Instructor post surf session (2021)

She did not find her joy in fashion magazines, TV or commercials but rather in nurturing those less fortunate through her healthy cooking based on local, nutritional Philippine vegetables (i.e. upo, sayote, talong, tanglad, malunggay, okra, patola, etc).

For Sabrina, the kitchen became her haven to relax, find inner peace and do good for others. If there is one word to describe her it would be Kind!

With FEED Ambassador Laura Riavitz (Marine Biologist, Ocean Quest Global), Diane Penales (VP Ops, FEED) and Anne-Marie Mananquil Bakker (Partnerships, FEED).

She is a long time close friend of FEED, knowing its organizers for over 10 years; it was the way we helped each other by introducing a Food Forest at the Missionaries of the Poor, providing native and heirloom seeds, cuttings and seedlings for their food gardens – that kept our aspirations alive – now in search for rare and endangered vegetation for nutrition.  Visiting La Union with FEED during early 2021 to explore community-based culinary excursions, Sabrina was also able to first-hand witness the sea turtle nesting season and live release of hatchlings.  Sabrina supports conservation efforts wherever she goes and is planning the continued integration of her environmental passions in her culinary projects moving forward.

She admits that a part of her success hails from a troubled past, whereby cooking helped her discover the joy of nutrition in the kitchen and garden, which also ultimately helped guide her towards the launch of “Sabrina’s Kitchen” – where she proclaims herself as a “non-chef food lover whipping up her own easy, inexpensive doable dishes”.

Living in the Middle East for a while it is no surprise that she knows her spices; and it’s no wonder McCormick Philippines invited her to fortify their Flavour Nation series of cooking shows. Sabrina continues to be a strong believer in nutritious food as she goes by the saying “Let thy food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”, usually ascribed to Hippocrates.  Hints of her daily secret blend for immunity are turmeric, chilli and garlic cooked up in a tea infusion.  Most of the ingredients she uses are available at most public markets and we are not talking Kale or Broccoli but Saluyot, Kangokong and Malunggay. These ingredients are combined with her choice spices to concoct delicious dishes for family, friends and particularly, to those the less fortunate. She admits and is grateful to have found her mission in life. Her foodie recipes are readily available on her youtube channel.

Sabrina is beautiful through and through, and kindness is her every action, which is why FEED is proud and honored to receive her as our next FEED Ambassador to help spread the word and action on native nutrition.

What Sabrina Artadi has to say about herself

“My damsel in distress days long gone but never forgotten. I have learned to grow and take ALL experiences as learning opportunities! What won’t break me will make me stronger and kinder. Sensitive to people’s emotions and misfortunes. But even more so I have discovered my stubborn way of seeing purpose and reason for every occurrence.

Even today , I have used my experiences and continue to push forward on health. Realising that a healthy lifestyle of good nutritious food , gratitude and exercise will lead to healthy minds and bodies . More happy lives indeed! It’s all connected. Keeping it sustainable, simple, affordable and doable is the key! So the concept of “glam healthy gourmet, anyone can do,” was born!

Knowing a sense of purpose is key to maintaining life balance, wanting to get up everyday and savor life . So many have so much and yet suffer from anxiety and depression. I personally believe when we try too hard to please ourselves only , then we find an endless thirst and want for more! Still feeling empty inside. But I truly believe with all my heart, when you are in tune with the universe’s purpose for you , peace sets in and true contentment begins… our life purpose is to nurture and uplift the environment, others , pets, animals , etc. If we are fighting that purpose , then we are in a state of chaos and this manifests itself in depression, addictions, anger issues and anxiety.. even up to disease …

My inspirational mother Teresa said: “If you can’t feed all, feed one”. – Sabrina Artadi

So starting from my very humble purpose of motherhood and nurturing, Sabrina’s Kitchen was born!!!

Life is complicated, let’s keep it simple in the kitchen! My love affair with anti-inflammatory spices and local veggies, only became even more relevant ! Certainly creating healthy glam gourmet surrounded by a lifestyle of humor, gratitude , childlike awe and constant love , just perfect the whole sabrina’s kitchen recipe! …. and naturally like every fairytale, they all lived happily ever after.

It’s the same with trees, birds, fish, corals. If you can’t plant many, plant one. We can heal our land. One good deed at a time!”

Keep cooking up your healthy storms Sabrina, we are super encouraged to plant more thanks to compassionate and genuine Earth Keepers like you. And thank you for accepting FEED’s Ambassadorship, May the Forest be With you Always!

Check Out Sabrina’s Kitchen (Web): https://www.sabrinaskitchenweb.com/

Official Sabrina’s Kitchen Links

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Jessie Cruz has been a FEED intern since July 2021, focusing on compiling data on FEED planting volumes; as well as writing articles for FEED’s website and social media coverage.

Jessie is a Management Engineering student at Ateneo de Manila University. Beyond her academics, she pursues her environmental advocacies by working with various environmental NGOs and social enterprises such as FEED.

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