Courage Under Water: La Union Surf Club Trained in Water Search & Rescue (WASAR)


29 August 2017, San Juan, La Union.  It took “courage under water” for 32 La Union Surf Club, Inc. (LUSC) members, surfers and surf instructors; 3 Volunteer Fire Station Officers from San Juan and two FEED staff to undergo an intensive 5-day WAter Search And Rescue (WASAR) training provided by the Municipality of San Juan, La Union rom August 7-11, 2017.

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Those trained went through daily 4am regimental physical fitness training, 4km jogs, over a 1 mile long swim through currents in the West Philippine Sea, underwater knot tying, blind fire rescue operations, and open sea victim drowning rescue exercises.

The team comprises a voluntary search & rescue group that works on a mobile call out system 24/7 365 days a year.
Most LUSC members are also Certified surf instructors and have also undergone lifeguard training. LUSC relies on the kindness of donations and fund raisers to support its members and volunteer support operations.
The training was offered by the Municipality of San Juan in line with the provincial government’s Disaster Relief and Preparedness plans and prevention measures carried out in a number of critical coastal areas in the province by the La Union Provincial Disaster Risk Reduction Management Council (PDR RMC).
wasar5The training was conducted to provide response and operational support to the coastline, as well as Fire Services, Police and Ambulance in a range of situations including:
  • Responding to flooding operations
  • Water rescue incidents within the local area
  • Local & widespread flooding
  • Flood support to local communities including flood evacuation
  • Searches for missing and vulnerable people
  • Provide support during times of adverse weather conditions
  • Provide support at water related incidents when required
The volunteering exists for the public benefit, to train people to relieve suffering and distress amongst persons endangered by flooding or natural hazards. With skills in search & rescue, water & flood rescue, rope rescue and advanced medical care aims to deliver a fast, dynamic and professional team.
On 29 August 2017, the same group and some additional members of LUSC and FEED also underwent an exposure seminar delivered by the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) in order to understand the mission and functions of the PCG Auxiliary, another volunteering effort for the community.
Big thanks also to HON. ARTURO P. VALDRIZ, Municipal Mayor of San Juan, La Union for providing the venue and meals, and facilities to enable this training.
FEED works with LUSC as a leading community based organization supporting the disaster relief operations at one of the busiest surf spots in La Union, at Urbiztondo, San Juan; off season we will be conducting tree plantings and supporting LUSC beach clean up efforts, in partnership with Lupon ng mga Indibidwal na Nangangalaga sa Kalikasan (LINK)La Union Soul,  DMMMSU (FEED Practical Research Scholarships), Aquanimous Yoga and other FEED partners in LU for the sustainable agri-tourism vision of Governor Pacoy’s office.

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