Peritus Knowledge Services Corporation “Makes IT Green”

Peritus Logo26 March 2017, Siniloan, Laguna. Peritus Knowledge Services Corporation is a boutique consulting company established in 2015, focused on cloud-based big data analytics and development and execution of data-driven business programs.

But they also have a heart for the environment.

Earlier this March, Peritus offered to contribute  to the FEED Scholarship Fund for applied research in agro-forestry, farming or fisheries, which will benefit a graduate pursing further studies but in need of thesis grant support; and the planting of 100 Philippine indigenous trees at the Sierra Madres (planted on March 25, 2017), where over 9000 hectares of mountains are being reforested – managed by the Land Grant Management Office foresters and FEED partners – as part of the University of the Philippines Los Baños (UPLB) and one of FEED’s Living Legacy programs.

FEED agreed to carry out the tree-planting with its Students & Volunteers for the Environment (SAVE), often young environmentally aware students who were thrilled to be able to plant more than they expected on March 25th, 2017.

While it is common knowledge that the Information Technology (IT) industry is rapidly growing to keep up with the world’s demand for data, data storage facilities, cooling systems to keep data warehouses temperate, etc. –  without a significant increase in renewable energy to keep up with this demand makes the data we consume “dirty” (e.g. due to coal fired power plants).

“Make IT Green”

Greenpeace’s report, Make IT Green: Cloud Computing and its Contribution to Climate Change, illustrates growth in the IT sector’s electricity consumption — expected to more than triple by 2020 — largely due to the expansion of cloud- based computing. Cloud computing, which relies on centralised data storage infrastructure to deliver real-time information from the internet, is quickly becoming a predominant IT business model.



Benefits of Trees

Thanks to the environmental awareness and action of Peritus, another 100 Philippine indigenous trees will thrive, help absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen for a fast urbanising Philippines; each tree with a potential average clean up of 100+ kg of carbon dioxide annually while emitting enough oxygen for a whole family!

Trees are renewable, biodegradable and recyclable; providing shelter and food for a wide diversity of wildlife particularly our some of the last remaining 30% forest cover in the Philippines.  Trees reduce the need for heating and cooling, thus decreasing the need for more power plants in the future.

During typhoon season, the Sierra Madres mountain range canopy and root systems of its trees act as a both a sponge and a filter, cleaning the water as it seeps into the water table and reducing storm water runoff, not to mention blocking the often 100kph gusty storm winds and possible resulting flood waters from reaching the lowlands (urban areas such as Manila, Quezon City, etc, as forested areas are far less prone to flooding and soil erosion.

Trees also provide a habitat and how for a wide variety of wildlife that may have otherwise been displaced by development.  All of these benefits are crucial factors in helping to reverse the effects of major environmental crises such as global warming, species loss, and drought.

So, thank you PERITUS for having a big heart for the environment!

About Peritus Knowledge Services Corporation

Peritus Knowledge Services Corporation is a boutique consulting company established in 2015 by two senior telecom and consulting executives. We focus on two key areas:

  •   Cloud-based big data analytics
  •   Development and execution of data-driven business programs.

The driving force for the company is the observation that big data and analytics programs get slowed down in internal technical conversations and execution delays. Our approach focuses on quickly proving and providing business value in a cost-effective manner. We achieve this by combining open source cloud based analytical solutions/advanced data science techniques and strong program management. This helps you to quickly analyze and monetize the data and the information that you have access to.

We go beyond providing only a statistical model, but support you with the full execution of your analytics program. Insights are valuable, but execution is the key to success!

Our team is mainly based in the Philippines and services customers worldwide. We tailor our solutions to your specific requirements such as security and privacy regulation.

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