Denso Ten Solutions Philippines Corporation Plant 4th Time Reaching 3,270 Trees!

DENSO_TEN_Solutions_PH_Corp.png25 August 2018, Siniloan, Laguna, Sierra Madre Mountain Range. Twenty-nine super keen and active staff from Denso Ten Solutions Philippines Corporation (formerly Fujitsu) added another 550 native Philippine trees to the Sierra Madre Mountain Range, at the Laguna Quezon Land Grant site of nearly 10,000 hectares of protected forest by FEED’s first and longest time “LIVING LEGACY: Plant a Tree, FEED Our Future” partner, the University of the Philippine Los Baños (UPLB).
Led by Forester Reynaldo E. Lorida, who manages the near 4000 hectare Laguna Land Grant part of the total LQLG, Denso participants were given a technical overview of the Status of Philippine Forests 2018; followed by short overview and history of FEED by its Director for Partnerships, Anne-Marie Mananquil Bakker; and finally the Healthy, Safety & Security briefing by FEED VP Operations, Diane Penales.
The moderate trek to the planting site was a bit of a Forest Fitness trail, whereby participants climbed through the forest to reach a further site than prior plantings. They were happy, sweaty and cheerful when they arrived at the site with 550 holes prepared. A demonstration on debagging of the seedlings was given by Forester  Lorida to ensure their protection and proper planting of the seedlings, as well as the targeted minimum survival rate of 85%.
This tree-nurturing activity is the 4th planting of Denso Ten Solutions Philippines, Inc. with FEED, dating back to their first planting in August 2016, and accumulating a stunning 3,270 trees planted in two years with us – one of the Top 3 organisational planting records to date. The other two records are held by the Cub Scouts and Girl Scouts of America (4,500 trees planted); and Aspen Philippines, Inc.

Thank you Denso Ten Solutions Philippines ECO-WARRIORS!

1 Richard Capulong 16 Ma. Lourdes M. Dusaban
2 Francis Banguilan 17 Katarina Santos
3 Aries N. Manrique 18 John Paul Magat
4 Jennifer Geron 19 Bryan Adriano
5 Mylen Lopicio 20 Wea Mae C. Alpecho
6 Lorenz Kian Geron 21 Annalie Joy V. Tanglao
7 Pauline Lasquite 22 Jan Mikhail Tiongson
8 Jade Gonzales 23 Jose Carlo M. Manalang
9 Rose Ann Samera 24 Anne Mellene Salvacion
10 Ricardo M. Ocden Jr 25 Mayumi Javier
11 Mark Jayson Gula 26 Diosdado Dyangco
12 ANGELO O. GILI 27 Maria Gloria Joven
13 Cryshna Bianca B. Padua 28 Rowena Glipo
14 Sheila Victoria C. Siongco 29 Divine Gay Magat
15 Felice Sanchez

Certificates of Participation were awarded to all Denso participants who continue to help us “keep our people and planet healthy”, also adding to more carbon capture for future generations to appreciate clean air.


After the native Binalot lunch, heartfelt thanks were communicated at the end of the Certificate Awarding, by Ms.  Maria Gloria Joven of Denso Ten Solutions Philippines Corporation, who described the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) advocacies in Social Contributions, Social Contribution Fund, Sports & Culture, Social Welfare, Global Environmental Activity, Supporting Youth Development and other Regional Activities; she also introduced the three UPLB scholars they currently have working with the company, and who also joined in the day’s planting activity.


It is thanks to all you adventurous, thoughtful and caring Denso Ten Solutions Philippines staff that FEED is able to continue its reforestation, rehabilitation and other environmental initiatives today. Special thanks also to Ms. Joven, Ms. Weng Glipo and Ms. Divine Gay Magat for your consistent and strong support to FEED always, even for referring us to other organisations to plant with.

Big tree hugs to you all. May the Forest be with you always!


Experts call for multi-stakeholder Sierra Madre watershed mgt

Multi-stakeholder participation is crucial in managing the watershed of the country’s longest mountain range, the Sierra Madre.  This served as one of the key lessons during the Water Forum Series 1 entitled “Revisiting watershed management and governance in Sierra Madre towards water security” held on Aug. 28 at the Lansigan Auditorium of the College of Forestry and Natural Resources (CFNR).
“It is very important to organize and strengthen the stakeholders; sa laki ng area ay hindi po pwedeng one agency or organization lang ang mag-focus on the whole issues and problems of the Sierra Madre,” said Conrado Vargas, corporate secretary of the Save Sierra Madre Network Alliance, Inc.
The Sierra Madre, with an area of 1.4 million hectares, is stretched throughout 10 provinces in Luzon, from Cagayan in the north to Quezon in the south.
Densoten-2508201811“Multi-stakeholder process [should be a] partnership between and among civil society organisations (CSOs), government agencies, and the private sector,” Vargas said in discussing stakeholder mobilisation…
Dr. Rex Victor Cruz, professor at CFNR (FEED insert: and also long time friend and advisor of FEED), a watershed management expert, and former chancellor of UPLB, also recognised the role of stakeholders in addressing watershed degradation.
“This has been a romantic issue for a long, long time – to engage the different stakeholders. I think it still remains to be a pillar on how we can solve the issue,” Dr. Cruz said. “Everybody should be involved.”

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