Entrego Restock our Depleted Forests Through Tree-Planting

23 October 2021,Siniloan, Laguna, Sierra Madre Mountain RangeEntrego planted 500 seedlings at the Laguna Quezon Land Grant, part of an over 9,000 hectare protected forest reserve nestled in Laguna bordering Quezon provinces. Entregeo’s 22 super keen participants showed remarkable enthusiasm throughout the event, from the warm up stretching and dancing, to the trekking up to site, up to planting and finally, the native binalot lunch meals prepared by the local community.

The 22 Entrego staff dedicated their Saturday to planting trees despite the cold and rainy weather and the resulting muddy and slippery terrain. They recognize the urgent needs of our forest and, as a logistics firm, opted specifically for tree-planting in order to help contribute towards carbon sequestration, in fulfilling their promise to be more a reliable and effective logistics solutions for the costumer and the environment. Other measures are being explored to minimize Entrego’s carbon footprint.

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Days prior to the tree planting event, Entrego held a tree-planting orientation via Zoom to thoughtfully explain to especially new plantitos and plantitas what to expect and what the challenges might be, from the possibly adverse weather conditions to the possible forest debris that sheds itself with intense winds. Once the Entrego volunteers arrived on site, they very efficiently organized themselves, signed in, freshened up and had coffee and were ready to start – being the fastest-paced team FEED has ever worked with on a planting, time being of the essence.

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Tree planting In the middle of the pandemic when most people are working from home and with very limited physical movements due to the national government’s Inter-Agency Task Force (IATF) Omnibus Guidelines on Community Quarantine – that FEED and all partner sites adhere to.  Being outside and immersed in nature, at the top of the southernmost part of the Sierra Madre Mountain Range (longest in the Philippines) enables one to appreciate the value of clean and fresh air, pure and unadulterated forest far from the urban jungle and a visual and multi-sensory experience that just brings joy; all you hear after all are birds, bees and trees whistling in the winds…removing stresses and making life’s challenges all the more bearable.   and they say people who plants trees have more compassion for other people and living things.

Trees and nature are usually taken for granted by most of us in the daily grind, despite our reliance on Nature in on our daily sustenance –  from oxygen production thanks to photosynthesis and the persistence of plant life;  to watershed provision of our limited drinking water supply;  to  the vegetables, fruits, nuts and other nutritional bounty from our forests; up to the mountains’ protective capabilities against massive storms.

The restoration of the Land Grants of the University of the Philippines Los Baños (UPLB) relies on additional funding from private sector organizations such as Entrego, which provides local communities with an alternative livelihood source from seedling collection, to nursery establishment, site preparation, planting and maintenance.

FEED’s “Living Legacy: Plant a Tree, FEED our Future” initiative was designed in 2011 as a series of Climate Change Action Program interventions meant to engage the public at large in its Ridge to REEForeseation efforts with local communities. So it was never about tree planting alone, but rather also the empowerment and capacity building of local communities in learning to further nurture our reliance on the forests and on behalf of all living beings that thrive with her.

Volunteers were shown by Forest Guard Larry how to plant a tree using their own hands and our improvised bamboo shovels.  Participants were also briefed on how they can help from the individual to the organizational level in protecting our environment.  Entrego also contributed to FEED Scholarship Fund, which supports deserving Filipino students pursuing collegiate and graduate/postgraduate studies in Environmental, Farming, Forestry, Fishing and other Sustainable Development related sciences.

A Certificate of Appreciation was handed to each participant as a recognition of their graduating in Tree-Planting and for taking Climate Change action.

Thank you ENTREGO Eco-Warriors, May the Forest be with you all!

1 Ann Bernal 11 Sherly Sison
2 Bryan Coralde 12 Shiela Villanueva
3 Bryan Sanchez 13 Wilma Rullan
4 Cesar Roque 14 Mayche Teves
5 Francisco Victorioso Vivas 15 Doroteo Guab
6 Joseph Anthony Quesada 16 Eduvigis Magpantay
7 Lorenzo Landero 17 Gilbert Manlangit
8 Ma. Ana Regina Mercado 18 Daniel Dael
9 Marion Piano 19 Felmar Villanueva
10 Sedhrick James Shetty

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Entrego is a technology driven business solutions provider for the fulfilment and logistics needs of enterprises in the Philippines. For more information on Entrego, visit: https://entrego.com.ph/

How Trees Secretly Talk to Each Other (BBC News)

Trees talk and share resources right under our feet, using a fungal network nicknamed the Wood Wide Web. Some plants use the system to support their offspring, while others hijack it to sabotage their rivals.

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yWOqeyPIVRo 

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