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Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) Remote Monitoring

garminThe use of GPS technology has been used for years to track animals in their natural habitats in an effort to better study their behavioural and movement patterns. With this information, biologists, ecologists and agro-foresters know better how to protect and provide for the forest’s vast array of natural wildlife and now even tree species.

Using GPS tracker applications and devices, FEED offers all LIVING LEGACY interventions – whether Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs, or Students and Volunteers for the Environment (SAVE)  – GPS coordinates to help keep track of your trees, and to be able to monitor from anywhere in the world any time via Google Earth.

IMG_6233Providing GPS coordinates/location services can provide both CSR and SAVE and all other planters an extra layer of (managerial) insight, going beyond the real-time monitoring that FEED and site partners carry out on site. With various plantings taking place across Luzon, sometimes simultaneously in different locations; and with FEED plantings also taking place in other parts of the Philippines, having GPS coordinates enables FEED and partners to observe our trees anywhere, anytime as a powerful tool for remote checking.


Using Google Maps ( to monitor the 65 mangroves planted at Flotsam & Jetsam Artist Beach Hostel, Urbiziondo, San Juan, La Union last November 2017.

FEED and site partners agro-forestry assets are tied up in trees, farms and other planting sites, such a Public Elementary Schools bio-intensive gardens. With GPS trackers, FEED is looking to have better management of its forests and tree reserves. We are also able to get all the information about plant life in digital form and on the internet to keep track of our nurseries as well as the number of plants in each nursery. We are also better positioned to assess damage caused by disease, natural disaster, or unauthorised clearing.

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