Aurecon’s 17 Forest Guardians Plant 250 Indigenous Forest Trees to Strengthen Our Natural Storm Defences – “The littlest things we do matter”

20190614_12344614 June 2019, Siniloan, Laguna, Sierra Madre Mountains. On the 14th of June 2019, 17 Eco-Warriors from Aurecon Australasia Pty. Ltd. became honorary “forest guardians”, after having planted 250 indigenous Philippine forest trees in the Sierra Madre mountains, in Siniloan, Laguna – despite the heat experienced at 9:30 AM at 1,630  feet up in the Philippines longest mountain range – and main physical defence system against the year-round battering of typhoons.

Mr. Cyrel Gonzales, Aurecon’s Regional Manager for Quality, Environment and Sustainability in Asia said:  “The littlest things we do matter, however simple they may seem. Collectively and continually done, these can create long-term impacts.”

M&C Assistant Colleen Cabili, who also coordinated the project with FEED reaffirmed: “No deed is too small when it comes to saving the environment. Take this tree-planting activity for instance. Just imagine the difference we can make if all members of the community join hands to reforest this mountain range!”


Admittedly, it is not easy to plant – what more to maintain and monitor at least three years after planting. Forester Reynaldo E. Lorida, who led this tree planting event with FEED, mentioned:  “If it wasn’t for companies like yours Aurecon, we would be planting an uphill battle against the odds – being one of the top 5 Climate Catastrophe zones in the world – so thank you for taking the time to green our environment for all!”

Sierra Madres – Our Natural Storm Defence

Sierra Madres“Typhoon Ompong (international code name Mangkhut) was one of the strongest storms to hit the planet this year, but its effects could have been more devastating for the Philippines if not for the massive wall that hampered its greater impact, environmentalists say.

Sierra Madre is the longest mountain range in the Philippines, spanning almost 500 kilometers in length. Its highest peak has an elevation of 1,266 meters above sea level or equivalent to three Petronas Towers of Malaysia stacked together.

Also known as the “backbone of Luzon,” the Sierra Madre is home to a large number of threatened biodiversity species, such as the Philippine Eagle, and acts as a natural shield against typhoons and storm surges.”


20190614_104444Thank you AURECON ECO-WARRIORS for braving the elements!

Denise Colleen Cabili Renalyn Soriano
Cyrel Gonzalez Drazen Orogo
Ma. Bianca Katrina Sanchez Glenn Romero
Stephanie Grace Alaurin Kenneth Tadeo
Rose Josol Jolo Alcomendas
Eryn Jade Trinidad Jocelyn Giron
Melinda Aguacito Kenneth Ramirez
Almira Joy Dela Roca Herwin Patrick Funtanilla
Maulen Macasaet

PHOTO JOURNAL – AURECON Planting for a Greener Philippines & Earth!