“I Can Make It Right”: Philippine BTS Fans Plant Second Time, Triple Trees for RM’s Birthday

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8 September 2019, Siniloan, Laguna – Sierra Madre Mountain Range.  Under their slogan, “Plant today, Save tomorrow”, 41 enthusiastic and boisterously happy RM for BTS fans stormed the Training Center at the Laguna Quezon Land Grant (LQLG) in Siniloan, Laguna, where FEED has been planting since its inception of its LIVING LEGACY program.

20190908_084219.jpgSince last year’s planting by the same Patrons of Education & Environment, this year tripled in numbers of planters as well as number of native Philippine rainforest trees planted, from 200 trees in 2017 to 600 this 2018 – congratulations and kudos to our RM for BTS eco-warriors!

Arriving on the dot at 7:30 AM this Sunday, they received an early-bird climate change welcome talk from FEED by its Partnerships Director, Anne-Marie Mananquil Bakker; and a Status of Philippine Forests open exchange with Forester Rey Lorida of the University of the Philippines Los Baños (UPLB), steward of the 9,000 ha. LQLG protected forest situated in the longest mountain range in the Philippines, the Sierra Madres –  one of our staunchest storm barriers and natural watersheds in Luzon.


Published on the 10th of September 2019 by Jonathan Hicap of the Manila Bulletin Entertainment section:

“RM will turn 25 on Sept. 12 and fans in different countries have various projects to mark the occasion.

In the Philippines, Pinoy BTS ARMYs, led by Kim Namjoon PH, went to Sierra Madre, the longest mountain range in the country, in Siniloan, Laguna on Sept. 8 to plant the indigenous trees. This is the second year that RM and BTS fans held the “Plant Today, Save Tomorrow” project.

“To celebrate RM’s birthday, we planted 600 indigenous trees in Sierra Madre, the longest mountain range in PH, hoping to leave a legacy for RM & ARMY and be part of the solution to climate change,” according to the Pinoy RM fans.

The tree planting was made possible in collaboration with Fostering Education & Environment for Development (FEED), a non-government organization that supports tree planting and sustainable development.

Before the activity was held, the fans were taught about the status of forests in the country, climate change and about FEED.

RM, whose real name is Kim Namjoon, was born in 1994 in Sangdo-dong in Dongjak District in Seoul and grew up in Ilsan in Gyeonggi Province, South Korea.”

Source: https://entertainment.mb.com.ph/2019/09/10/pinoy-bts-fans-plant-trees-to-mark-rms-b-day/

20190908_084543.jpgBefore heading on their 30 minute short nature trek through the forest to their planting site, the BTS Army volunteers warmed up at the base camp with Diane Penales, VP for Operations, to ensure strong hearts were readied for the 1 hour planting experience. With diligence send some selfies, their 600 seedlings of about 6-8 months of age, were converted into their mini-forest, resulting in a very happy team of forest guards and fans.

20190908_101826.jpgOn the trek back, many pictures were taken of the 30 minute moderate nature walk back to base camp through the 44 hectare Heritage Trail, which includes a bamboo forest and detour through one of the sites community run nursery of Philippine rainforest (hardwood and fruit bearing) mainly trees and some ornamentals.

20190908_102450.jpgBy this time, it was 10:45AM and time to nibble on some Insulin plants for an energy boost…



…prior to enjoying a native Binalot lunch of chicken adobo with rice, banana, egg and tomato by the lake, picnic style or under the shade of the Narra.

Certificates were then handed to each participant by Forester Reynaldo Lorida, Field Manager Laguna Quezon Land Grant, to the honorary graduates in foresting and forest guardianship – Congratulations and Thank you BTS ARMY and Kim Namjoon PHL!

20190908_121230.jpgOur hearts are full having seen the outpouring of gratefulness, pride and joy the group generated amongst its worldwide fan base and other environmental eco-warriors to BTS, inviting hundreds of positive support and love on @KimNamjoonPHL planting posts on Twitter:

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All participants now Eco-Warriors, received Certificates of Participation for their solid contribution to environmental conservation and protection of our forests.  Kim Namjoon PH, Kim Namjoon / RM of BTS and Elena Panfilova also received additional e-Certificates acknowledging their contribution to the planting.


May the Forest be with you all, always!

1 Opong Gershwin Chelsie Antivola 21 Carsula Alyssandra Faye T.
2 Antivola Cecille Dela torre 22 Espanto Averie Danielle A
3 Apuhin Althea Demi Angelica Ledesma 23 Alias Marie Arvi T
4 Lucas Fatima DC 24 Escueta Alyssa Mae B.
5 Acot Christine G 25 Lahing Renilda A
6 Erispe Ma Angelica P 26 Pajiji Xanthe J
7 Serrano Geisha Maiko T. 27 Grava Marlyn C
8 Serrano Mizy Bianca T. 28 Grava Eugene C
10 SALUD PAULINE FAYE AVECILLA 30 Frivaldo Persian vee Talusan
11 Agnete Jenel May M 31 Olympia Glenny M
12 DELA CRUZ RODALYN A 32 Bilazon Venice Danielle O
13 Baraguir Sharmaine Z 33 Bilazon Arra O
14 Gacias Angelica C 34 Evangelista Mizel R
15 Basilio Wyndell Keith Z 35 Landicho Mariell Ann C.
16 Jusayan Melanie E. 36 Lucas Romalyn E.
17 Guevarra Juris Kyle R. 37 Paredes Jenifer P.
18 Guevarra Rhea R. 38 Villareal Pauline Marie B
19 Catonina Darlyn Grace R. 39 Lanorio Ivy Gelyn Q
20 Acot Michelle G 40 DE VERA ANALYN F

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