FEED Scholar Graduates with Honors, Tops Agri Board Exam and Continues Sustainability Studies at United Nations University

4 August 2017, University of the Philippines Los Baños (UPLB).   With his study on Social-Ecological Resilience of a Silvopastoral Agroforestry System, Elson Ian Nyl Ebreo Galang became a recipient of the FEED Inc. Undergraduate Thesis Research Grant during Academic Year 2016-2017.  He recently graduated cum laude from the UPLB and also ranked 6th in the April 2017 Licensure Exam for Agriculturists.

“Elson shows such passion, drive and success in all he pursues, in the farms with the local communities and throughout his studies, we are more than thrilled to continue enabling him to pursue further studies at the prestigious Institute for the Advanced Study of Sustainability, the United Nations University (UNU), particularly because he dreams of  being an active part of the sweeping change the Philippines desperately needs in adapting/mitigating climate changes by building local capacity and responsiveness to the immense challenges we face as one of the 10 countries most affected from 1996 to 2015^ (annual averages).” -FEED President, Ophelia Bakker-Mananquil

ELSON’s reply struck a chord in the Board’s heart, and we hope it inspires others to be the change we wish to see in more people, organizations, government and businesses.

“Thank you for this amazing news! …Sharing some insights, articles, etc. to FEED will also be of no problem! 🙂 I am also planning to send FEED some of materials on Sustainability Science during the course of my study. Of course, I would be very much privileged if you could allow me to introduce FEED and your works to the United Nations University.

In the many applications for studies and scholarships I have had, I always had the same answer as to my “ambition” 🙂 I always wanted to be a doctorate holder, then be a professor, and eventually mentor more students to pursue the science of systems studies especially on sustainability, resilience, and agroforestry. I feel like I have to cause the “multiplier effect” in our country where there are only a few experts in these fields.

I always dreamed that one day, there would be enough workforce who have the understanding on creating communities and landscapes that are more sustainable and resilient amidst the threats of climate change, geo-political tensions, etc. And while I am on the road of reaching all these, I would like to work with organizations like FEED and some Local Government Units in creating model communities and landscapes.

Thank you po with all my heart, ELSON”

Elson1.pngElson (standing left) together with FEED President, Ms. Ophelia Bakker-Mananquil (sitting left), FEED Chairman, Mr. Jacob van Vliet Bakker (sitting right), and UPLB Private and Government Scholarship Officer, Ms. Elisa. Navarrete (standing right). 

^Top 10 Countries Affected by Climate Change (1996-2016


Source: https://germanwatch.org/de/download/16411.pdf

Graduating with Honors

On June 24, Elson marched on stage during the 45th Graduation Ceremony of the UPLB receiving the University President’s Medal and the College of Agriculture and Food Science (CAFS) Dean’s Medal of Excellence.  He graduated his Bachelor of Science in Agriculture (BSA) degree as cum laude and is the University’s first graduate of their BSA major in Landscape Agroforestry program.

A week before the Graduation Ceremony, Elson also had the opportunity to meet FEED’s Chairman, Mr. Jacob van Vliet Bakker, and President, Ms. Ophelia Bakker-Mananquil, during UPLB’s Recognition of Graduating Scholars and Donor Partners. During the event, he discussed with them some results of his thesis and as well as his plans for his career, as shared above.

Topping the Board Exam

Last July 14, Elson again marched on stage but this time at the Philippine International Convention Center to receive his Medal of Distinction as 6th Placer during the April 2017 Licensure Examination for Agriculturists. He also took his oath as a newly registered agriculturist together with his fellow 927 exam passers (out of 2,938 takers).

Elson (second from the left) receiving his Medal of Distinction from the Professional Regulation Commission- Regulatory Board of Agriculture.

Expressing His Gratitude to FEED Inc.

Elson has shared his thanks to FEED Inc. and continually acknowledged their support:

“My undergraduate thesis had been one of the most remarkable experiences I have had so far. More importantly, my thesis gave me key learnings which helped me reach all these achievements. And without FEED’s scholarship, I will not be having this thesis.

 I am also more than honored to have been part of the FEED family which promotes two of the closest advocacies in my heart- accessible education and sustainable environment”

Currently, Elson is preparing for his graduate studies which he will take in Tokyo, Japan starting this September, having been admitted to the prestigious  Master of Science in Sustainability at the United Nations UniversityInstitute for the Advanced Study of Sustainability in Tokyo, Japan.

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