National Youth Congress 2018 “Expanding Frontiers: Traversing the Global Landscape as the Filipino Nation”

24 November 2018, University of the Philippines Integrated School Building, Diliman, Quezon City. By FEED Ambassadors Rejina & Bogs Balangat, Founders & Owners, Mondo-Project

37837029_2078876025487249_6532760087461625856_n.jpgFostering Education and Environment for Development, Inc. (FEED) was invited to be part of the the 2018 National Youth Congress (NYC) held at the University of the Philippines (UP) Integrated School Building, Diliman, Quezon City.

IMG_20181124_104113_grande.jpgThe event attracted thousands of students, teachers and representatives from different schools all over the country.  This year’s theme was “Expanding Frontiers: Traversing the Global Landscape as the Filipino Nation”.

In this convention, students leaders with diverse backgrounds, ethnicities, and perspectives were able to share their ideas in tackling the strengths as well as the challenges of our nation today.


Beside the insightful talks, various booths of NGOs supporting causes for the environment, animals, humans, and ideas were showcased.  Participants were encouraged to visit and learn about their respective advocacies and programs, and sign up to their volunteer programs.

FEED and Mondo Project: One Shirt, One Tree teamed together with 2 volunteers (Edison and Mimi) to  plant 120 Lauan and Palosapis trees in the southern part of the Sierra Madre mountains as part of the NYC celebration.  Forester Rey Lorida,  manager of the UP Los Baños (UPLB) Laguna-Quezon Land Grant, the first and longest time FEED Living Legacy partner, welcomed and led the team and volunteers for the planting. This time, the planting site was located at a short and leisurely 5-minute trek from the base camp.

20181124_095348_grande3.jpgAt the planting site,  Forester Rey conducted a debriefing for the volunteers. One volunteer asked about the area. He observed that there were adult trees already present when the group would plant under these trees. Rey explained about the life cycle of the forest and how these adult trees will become nurse trees for the new seedlings. Nurse trees will actually help the new trees to grow and survive.


The team and volunteers planted the trees for an hour with the help of the forest guards. Followed by a sumptuous native binalot (wrapped chicken and pork adobo) lunch made by the locals living in the area. The volunteers were also animatedly sharing their experiences with the team.


Wow! A full packed day of activities.  It is motivating to know that these students, our future leaders, are starting early to widen their knowledge of our country’s situation and deepen their understanding of the challenges we are facing and how important it is to contribute and be part of the solution. With these bright and responsible kids, we know for sure that in the coming years, our legacy will be passed on and sustainable development will flourish.

Mondo Project team and FEED would like to thank the following eco-warriors who helped make the tree planting a success:

  1. FEED Eco Surf Organizers and Attendees
  2. Unified Filipino Lesbian Online (UFLO) Members: Hervie, Ghie, Louie, Ethel, Joicee, Lee, Roa, Liz, Apple and Atasha
  3. Ateneo BOx Organization: Angel Dizon, Aki Bartolome , Monique Yap, Kim Ruiz, Alex Mather, Anneliese Ng, Celina Cruz , Zach Garcia, Cait Camarao, Annalyse Paulsen, Hannah Kralles, Trish Filart, Joaquin Sorreta, Hannahah Mabao, Riana Uy, Alfonso Tiaoqui, Cerdan Lopez and CK Condez.

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In 2015, the Philippine government submitted to the United Nations the country’s commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The country committed to reduce its carbon emissions by 70 percent by 2030. The carbon dioxide reductions will come from the sectors of energy, transport, waste, forestry and industry.

FEED runs a number of Students and Volunteers for the Environment (SAVE)Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) – such as mangrove planting for coastal protection or ridge reforestation plantings; One Child, One Tree; Bio-Intensive Gardens (BIG) for nutrition in public elementary schools and other spaces; Climate Change Survival 101 and other LIVING LEGACY programs – customised environmental engagement activities for individuals and organisations interested in contributing to climate change adaptation efforts and greening critical areas such as watersheds, ridges, and reefs that all require rehabilitation.

Join us!  Help us reverse the Earth’s “hothouse climate” tipping point.

Tree-Planting with FEED

Check out the video journey by Clueless Commuter who planted with us last 24th of June 2017 to get a good idea of how FEED plantings go:


Contact us at FEED for more details, to join our regular activities or to design your own tree-nurturing event: or call/text +63 (0)917 552 4722.

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