USA Girl Scouts Overseas & Cub Scouts Pack 351 Manila Plant FEED’s Highest Number of Trees to Date

20180225_110408_preview27 February 2018, Sierra Madre Mountains, Siniloan, Laguna.  On 27 February 2018, FEED was very happily surprised to receive news from the latest updates from the USA Girls Scouts Overseas Manila and Cub Scouts Pack 351 Manila on the successful progress of  their find raiser, resulting in 4,575 indigenous native trees replanted in the Sierra Madre Mountains thanks to the generosity of those who supported the Scouts7 campaign.

Trekking through sandy slopes, persistent rains and the possibility of jumping leeches, the majority of the Girl & Cub Scouts of Manila who showed up on site – totalling 90 International School Manila children – were so enthusiastic, positive and jovial at the idea of being able to walk in ankle deep mud.

The rains are actually the best time to plant, as this lowers the costs of maintenance to ensure at least 85% survival of species planted in the forest. Such amenable drizzles and showers enable the freshwaters to be retained in our mountains during this season in our ridges, and for these waters to be released gradually during the dry season down to the lowlands and even reef, ergo “Ridge to Reef” or “Sea to Summit” planting typically coined for these activities.

These Grade 3 elementary school kids were so impressive in their enthusiasm, seriousness and commitment to planting, that one of the Forest Guards said: “We too had so much fun, we had no idea how aware these kids were (are) and from where they obtain their knowledge, but they are truly impressive – more so than some adults who plant with us, as the kids got so immersed in the soil!”

The scouts were accompanied by their chaperones, and in some cases, friends and families, to ensure the assembly of 1,000 seedlings produced for future plantings; and 1,500 native trees planted on the formerly logged areas of the Laguna Quezon Land grant, a near 10,000 hectare sprawling mountain forest managed FEED’s Living Legacy Partner the University of the Philippines Los Baños (UPLB). The remaining 2,075 trees are being planted in Site 3

Planting Sites

During the scouts’ fundraising efforts around one month prior, the initial order go seedlings was 500, but due to the enthusiasm and well-informed efforts of the scouts, they were able to raise money for the 4,575 trees they restored to their natural habitat:

  • Site 1: 1 min trek from base camp: 1,500 Native Philippine Trees;
  • Site 2: 5 min trek from base camp: Nursery Development – 1,000 Seedlings produced for additional out planting at Site 3;
  • Site 3: 45 mins trek, 1.5 km up the ridge: Where 2,075 trees will be planted this week until March 3rd, contingent on our foresters & forest guards’ schedules*.

GPS Coordinates of Sites Planted (Remote Monitoring)

Site 1:

  • 14°29’22.62N              121°30’54.51E
  • 14°29’22.46N              121°30’56.65E
  • 14°29’21.26N              121°30’57.04E
  • 14°29’20.65N              121°30’54.74E

Site 2:

  • 14°29’15.94N              121°30’51.17E
  • 14°29’17.41N              121°30’51.06E
  • 14°29’17.75N              121°30’51.99E
  • 14°29’16.03N              121°30’52.67E

Photo Journal

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Thank you USA Girl Scouts Overseas Manila for being such amazing Eco-Warriors!

# Full Name # Full Name
1 Katherine Anne Griffiths 51 Isabelle Leber
2 Amara Eve Aitken 52 Isabella Hu
3 Michika Huang 53 Caroline Bean
4 Emma Young 54 Dipasha  Raj
5 Summer Covington-Chen 55 Anna Russell
6 Ananya Pilani 56 Valentina Recalde Torres
7 Lilly Grace Kenee 57 Nicole Recalde Torres
8 Kalyana Dey 58 Sophia  Tan
9 Alyvia Mejia 59 Dylan Hahn
10 Isabella Sampilo 60 Tiffany Auyeng
11 Abigail Wills 61 Carrie Ann “Rainn” Po
12 Veronica Kurtic 62 Sarah Russell
13 Madison Wuu 63 Rain Lazaro
14 Maja Andrysiak 64 Sally Nightingale
15 Carrilyn Pesengco 65 Katya Cabrera
16 Chloe Andrysiak 66 Emily Hoban
17 Zandile Ketting 67 Hope  Denton
18 Kiyoko Dey 68 Orla Kottegoda-Breden
19 Mei Camille Benedicto 69 Lara Nath
20 Kiho Kasai 70 Rafaela Infante
21 Lia Graffagnino 71 Lillie Avery
22 Chihana Yoneshima 72 Mia Avery
23 Mia “Amelia” Sampilo 73 Anne Breuhaus
24 Cameron Tolhurst 74 Reet Sapra
25 Seija Strange 75 Aishena Catabian
26 Caitlyn Pesengco 76 Bianca Marie Wenceslao
27 Mahlen Panjeti 77 Celine Mai Boongaling
28 Emilia Cheung 78 Marcqee Katreyana “Maka” Carpio
29 Izabella Carr 79 Leah Bonetti
30 Maya Collier 80 Lina Kim
31 Laurel Wolfla 81 Cherry Sy
32 Syeda Hashimi 82 Ysadora Mariana “Yana” Robles
33 Labiba Bhatti 83 Seoyoung Shin
34 Zoe Perez 84 Yula Mattea (Eya) Robles
35 Ruby Watson 85 Kristalyn Joy “Kristalyn” Hintz
36 Alyia Aitken 86 Jane Breuhaus
37 Molly Whitehead 87 Mariane Nathalie Boongaling
38 Kristy Ng Fong 88 Seo Yul Kim
39 Georgia Richardson 89 Min en “Grace” Lau
40 Ami Fujimori 90 Abigail Hartzell
41 Jolijn Aletta Van Etten 91 Britney Hammer
42 Maya Trainor 92 Gretchen Hammer
43 Athena M Butcher 93 Samantha Lim
44 Miyu Mori 94 Ana Gabriela  Infante
45 Vivian Pritchard 95 Samantha Mignon
46 Paige Miller 96 Katherine  Pruss
47 Rhea Butcher 97 Laura  Salman
48 Carolyne Ferb 98 Aoi Tsuchiya
49 Eva Collier 99 Kayla Markham
50 Victoria  Sampilo 100 Aagya Tripathee

Thank you Cub Scouts Pack 351 Manila for being such great Eco-Warriors!

# Scout Names # Scout Names
1  Henrik Raitzer 11  Oliver Raitzer
2  Kenji Panjeti 12  Liam Versantvoort
3  Ziyaad Khursheed 13  Veli Riipinen
4  Reyansh Tandon 14  Luke Curry
5  Arjun Halady 15  Nathan Dupuy
6  Jared Freeman 16  Tai Miller
7  Ethan Viriri 17  Thijs Versantvoort
8  Calum Strange 18  Niko Riipinen
9  Landon Markham 19  Leo Bliss
10  Geusef Lapada 20  Eli Gustafson

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