La Union Surf Club Receives First Aid Kits & Garbage Segragators to Help Preserve Part of the 5th Longest Coastline in the World

lusc330 July 2017, San Juan, La Union, Surfing Capital of the North.  Most La Union accredited surf instructors and members of La Union Surf School (LUSC) are also certified life guards, environmentally aware and active proponents of beach safety, coastal and marine protection and community solidarity in times of crisis.

Following the beach brooms donated by Nestea’s PlungeForLaUnion contest held in April 2017, and the donated lifeguard tower received by LUSC for dispatch to its members, this week completed the delivery of garbage segregators from Nestea and discounted first aid kits enabled by Lorma Medical Center in San Fernando, La Union (thank you Dr. Carol Macagba)  and the University of the Philippines Junior Marketing Association (UP JMA), a constant FEED Living Legacy partner.

Recognizing La Union Province’s role in protecting our part of the Philippines having the 5th longest coastline in the world, LUSC leads community beach clean-ups every Monday and Thursday, and leads/participates in other community events including “TeamSurf” for special kids,  coral rehabilitation workshops, mangrove planting demos and eco-wall painting such as those held during the “Sustainably Stoked” first series from July 13-14 coordinated by La Union Soul, a community driven movement that seeks to improve eco-tourism in San Juan, La Union.

LUSC is a non-profit, non-government, non-political organization OF surfers, FOR surfers and BY surfers. We ensure the total La Union surfing experience!

“LUSC members are licensed surf instructors have working permits and are trained in basic first aid, beach safety, and rescue operations. Not only do they put safe and quality surf lessons first, they also maintain orderliness and cleanliness at the beach. We salute you, LUSC!”La Union Soul attending the handing out of First Aid Kits last 13 July 2017.

San Juan Coastal Community Collage

With the First Biophysical & Bioclimatic Characterization of Mangrove Sites in La Union Using GIS Completed by FEED’s latest scholar from Don Mariano Marcos Memorial University (DMMMSU) in Bacnotan, a community guide is also being put in place to ensure relevant mangrove species planted at relevant sites to ensure their survival and enhanced protection of our treasured coastline.

Coupled by the coastal zone and disaster relief management efforts further south from La Union’s coastline, the realization of a “Great Wall of Mangroves” will be strengthened by 8 Mayors from Bulacan and Pampanga Who Signed an MOA to Tackle Climate Change Together.

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