#SAVE #Saturdays Celebrate Life Through Tree Planting

30 July 2016, @ the Foothills of the Sierra Madre Mountains. An inaugural group of 27 Students & Volunteers for the Environment (SAVE) “dream team” got together last Saturday, 30th of July 2016, to reconnect to nature with friends via an accessible level trek at the foothills of the Sierra Madre mountain range.

IMG_4756IMG_4692The environmental awareness program was organised by FEED in collaboration with the University of the Philippines Los Baños (UPLB) to open the annual tree planting during rainy season, with the regular “last Saturday of the month” tree planting for members of the public at large throughout the Philippines.

The boisterous laughter throughout the event raised the spirits of the SAVE Patrons of the Environment. Despite the looming dark clouds and drizzle, the technical part of the program was carried out by Forester Rey Lorida demonstrating the basics  of handling the seedlings properly (see Pictures and Video link below).

A total of 27 active participants, including regular patrol & security officers from NorthCom, along with  UPLB & FEED Foresters, planted 100 indigenous native Philippine tree species with the SAVE group (#‎malabunga‬ ‪#‎malabatino‬ ‪#‎narra‬), resulting in the awarding of a Certificate of Appreciation from FEED to each participant.

The following fun bunch participated in the 30 July 2016 planting, to be continued next on 25/26 August August 2016!

  • Harry Dotarot
  • Jen S Elección (to join on next SAVE planting!)
  • Oydah Labarias
  • Carmela Majini
  • Jan Mangahas
  • Kath Poon
  • Camille Quint
  • Susan Rosales
  • Joy Cristine Siy
  • Sheila Virtusio


(c) FEED, Inc.