2009 Chairman’s Address

Press Release, Chairman’s Address – December 2010

We are pleased to announce our The New Board of Trustees for 2010

  • Ofelia M. Bakker, President
  • Winston UyVice,  President
  • Joel S. Manankil, Secretary
  • Cecille Dinglasan, Treasurer
  • Anna Kristina Dinglasan, Member
  • Annemarie F. M. Bakker, Member (new)
  • Tess M. Lazatin, Member (new)
  • Bill Santillan, Corporate Secretary

At said Board Meeting, it was agreed that FOFI is to pay significant attention to prompt filing of reports with the SEC, BIR and ensure compliance with requirements. For a number of years, we concentrated on the scholarship. We need to raise more awareness and funds for the active the active operations we started this year with the active move of our President and the new board.

Press Release – Institute of Biological Sciences – Congratulations to FOFI Grantees 2008-2009!

First Sem 08-09
Aguilar, Francis A. Second Sem 2009-10
Fontanilla, Cyreene S. First Sem 2009-10 Researcher, SESAM
Second Sem 08-09
Consignado, Kryza I. Second Sem 2009-10 Still looking for a job
Chua, Hazel Marice O. First Sem 2010-11
First Sem 09-10
Catanghal, Ronan Aldous M. Second Sem 2010-11
Preme, Prime F. Second Sem 2010-11
Second Sem 09-10
Fajutag, Apryl Joy M. Second Sem 2010-11
Encinares, John Mark A Second Sem 2010-11
First Sem 10-11
Baniqued, Russel D. Second Sem 2011-12
Catsao, Kristine V. Second Sem 2010-11

Press Release, FOFI honours its latest graduates on behalf of the University of the Philippines Institute of Biological Sciences, 23 March 2010

Good Morning honored guests, colleagues, students/graduates/scholars, family and friends:

We are all gathered today to celebrate the 27th Anniversary of the Institute of Biological Sciences and to wish our scholars and graduates a prosperous, eventful and happy future.

I hope that each of you will actively participate in and always support or lead the positive changes you wish to see in our world, no matter what vision you choose to fulfill, live up to, and implement.

I am reminded of my time in school, coming to terms with a society constantly on the brink of change, pre-independence. What I remember most vividly is my desire to always be part of moving our people forward wherever I possibly could, towards a future where our children could also be proud.

You, my dear scholars, are a huge part of the reason I got passionately involved in setting up a non-governmental organization (NGO) that focuses on “Education Towards Progress” (ETOPO) and environmentalism – which is also one reason why I was asked to say a few words to you today – on behalf of Friends of Overseas Filipinos Incorporated (FOFI). […]

Download the full Press release (PDF, 169KB)

Congratulations FOFI Scholars 2008-2009

Scholars Name Year &
Title of Thesis GWA Adviser
Francis A.
1st sem
“Validation of Antidesma bunius(Euphorbiaceae) as Potential Maintenance Medicinal Plant for Diabetes” 1.848 Dr. Lourdes B. Cardenas
Cyreene S.
1st sem
“Growth of Jatropa curcas(Tubang-bakod) in Soil Contaminated with Copper Mine Tailing” 1.885 Dr. Virginia C. Cuevas
Marie Jeazealle
2nd sem
“Mapping of gene/s in rice (Oryza sativa) using SSR markers” 1.168 Prof. Cheryl Agdaca
2nd sem
“Isolation and characterization of the causal organism of American Foulbrood Disease,Paenibacillus larvae from Philippine honeybees and screening for their antibiotic resistance patterns” 1.443 Prof. Noel N. Sabino
Ronan Aldous
M. Catanghal
1st sem
“Mite fauna and mite antigen detection of house dusts from residential areas in Los Baños” 1.490 Dr. Vachel Gay V. Paller
Prime P.
1st sem
“Ontogeneric changes in diet composition of the goat fish,Parupeneus Barberinus 1.673 Dr. Vincent V. Hilomen

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