Chemical Engineering Society (ChEn) of De La Salle University – Manila Reforests the Sierra Madre

14 June 2016, Siniloan, Laguna. 40 keen student, green advocates from the Chemical Engineering Society of De La Salle University – Manila arrived around 7AM at the Famy-Siniloan boarder in Laguna to convoy further upland into the Philippine’s longest  mountain range, the Sierra Madre, to help restore the ecology of 10,000 hectares of protected forests. P_20160614_094017_BF.jpg

“It is not so much for its beauty that the forest makes a claim upon men’s hearts, as for that subtle something, that quality of air that emanation from old trees, that so wonderfully changes and renews a weary spirit”. ~Robert Louis Stevenson

Despite a last minute (with 48 hrs) change in the original site planting venue (due to unforeseen 12 June 2016 Philippine Independence Day celebrations and safety/security concerns for the students), ChEn continued to pursue the 14 June 2016 date for tree-planting with 40 Students & Volunteers for the Environment (SAVE) with FEED – having committed to the planting of 100 endemic Bougainvillea species, and a seminar on tree-planting basics and benefits.

P_20160614_095017Led by the University of the Philippines Los Baños (UPLB) team leader and LGMO Manager, Benjamin D. Arizala, Forester (For.), Reynaldo E. Lorida (LQLG Field Manager), Mr. Pablo V. Quilao (OIC, Laguna Land Grant) and other LQLG field staff, as well as Diana Jane Penales, acting VP, Operations for FEED, ChEn trekked the Sierra Madres prior to reaching their allocated planting site at the Laguna-Quezon Land Grant (LQLG) site.

The program included an introduction to Tree Planting 101 (basics and benefits); how to plant what where and why it matters (carbon sequestration); trekking through the forest to the planting site; maintenance to ensure 99% survival (<1 % mortality); and lunch with refreshments.

ChEn Student & Volunteers for the Environment (SAVE) were also awarded a Certificate of Appreciation for their efforts in taking action on Climate Change, received by Ms. Sarah Katrina Te, chief organizer – pictured below with FEED President Ophie Mananquil Bakker and FEED Chairman Jacob V. Bakker.


Kudos to our recent youth leaders, FEED-SAVE Patrons Chemical Engineering Society (ChEn) of De La Salle College – Manila!

  1. Dr. Vergel C. Bungay
  2. Sarah Katrina K. Te
  3. Dorisse Ann F. Laygo
  4. Bea S. Alberto
  5. Droilan Alexander G. Alvarez
  6. Aidan Matthew O. Alviar
  7. Jessa Marie A. Banua
  8. Eriklarize T. Bautista
  9. Miguel Guerrero Z. Belen
  10. Katrina Leigh V. Borbon
  11. Jennivee C. Chua
  12. Michael Edgar F. Chua
  13. Lance Kristoff M. Cortez
  14. Rei Emmanuel M. Cristobal
  15. Kyle Cedric C. Cruz
  16. John Carlo V. De Guzman
  17. Hock L. De Leon
  18. Paolo Yves S. Doctolero
  19. Allysa Claudette T. Escaran
  20. Vincent Noel A. Galvez
  21. Patricia Shaine B. Gonzales
  22. Matthew S. Granada
  23. Danica Faye C. Java
  24. Jessica J. Koa Lee
  25. Jed Lynward B. Magat
  26. Hanz Gabrielle S. Marcaida
  27. Patrick James Del Rosario Narvasa
  28. Sean Michael B. Palomares
  29. Nathaniel Martin Z. Peckson
  30. Michelle Rae T. Requejo
  31. Leon Franco G. Reyes
  32. Zoe Aurora H. Romero
  33. Lorenzo Nicolas S. Santos
  34. Tzina Anne Joy S. Santos
  35. Aldrin Mark L. Sarte
  36. Nicole Keith M. Sarte
  37. Elan E. Silva
  38. Danielle Gail P. Tan
  39. Mark Terence C. Tan
  40. Enrico Miguel M. Zabayle

About the Chemical Engineering Society (ChEn), De La Salle – Manila

The Chemical Engineering Society is a service-oriented organization in De La Salle University whose main purpose is to mold future Chemical Engineers who embody the Lasallian core values. In alignment with its purpose, ChEn aims to accomplish its four missions, mainly: C – Complementing the department’s efforts in developing well-rounded Lasallian Chemical Engineers, H – Highlighting the role of the Chemical Engineering profession in the society, E – Elevating the standards of the organization to excellence, and N – Nurturing the existing relationship among faculty, members, officers, other organizations, and other technical staff.

Photo Credits: Sarah Katrina Te, ChEn; Jacob V. Bakker, FEED, Inc.

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