Ateneo Biological Organization Sponsors 410 Mangroves to Bulacan’s “Great Wall”

15 July 2018, Malolos, Bulacan. Having had 410 mangrove trees sponsored by the Ateneo Biological Organization (BOx), FEED Ambassador Marcelina “Ace” Itchon (also CEO & President of Aspen Philippines) along with the Bantay Dagat of Malolos, accompanied by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR), planted along the “Great Wall of Mangroves” – a visionary project conceived by Hon. Mayor Christian Natividad, who heads up the Alyansa ng mga Baybaying Bayan ng Bulacan at Pampanga (ABB-BP).


Mangrove Forests Could Protect Us From Climate Change—If They Survive It

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Mangroves.jpg“Mangroves have survived for hundreds of thousands of years in harsh, saltwater conditions that many other trees and shrubs couldn’t tolerate. While they have adapted to withstand regular changes in salinity and temperature, most mangroves died at the end of the Last Glacial Maximum 20,000 years ago, when sea levels rose particularly quickly. According to the new study, these six species haven’t yet had enough time to recover from this genetic bottleneck.

Mangrove forests are critical natural barriers against floods and storm surges, and could help prevent a lot of costly projected damage from coastal flooding as sea levels rise. They are also unique ecosystems, home to a wide range of species found nowhere else.

mangroves can adapt to sea level rise either by building up local sediment or migrating inland along river deltas. However, if sea levels rise too quickly, these defenses might not hold up. These retreats also require the existence of inland habitats that have been spared extensive human development, which are becoming increasingly rare.”




Bulacan, Pampanga Coastal Area Execs Join Forces vs Flooding, Climate Change


“Malolos City Mayor Christian Natividad, who was appointed as chairman of the technical working group of the newly-formed body said that the group understands the importance of coastal resource management and calamity preparedness in their respective communities…

“There is a need for a joint response and action for an effective solution to the flooding problem in our respective towns. One example is the dredging of the river. It must be done simultaneously and there should be an appropriate plan. The efforts and funding of one town in dredging the river will go to waste if the neighboring areas will not conduct the same,” Natividad said.

He also said that among the projects being planned is the massive planting of mangroves along the coastline of western Luzon from La Union to Cavite.

“It’s a Herculean task but it can be done,” he said, adding that dike experts from the University of Delft in The Netherlands have also committed to help the technical working group.

ABB-BP is composed of:

  • LGU-Malolos represented by Mayor Natividad;
  • LGU-Bulakan headed by Mayor Patrick Meneses;
  • LGU-Calumpit headed by Mayor Jessie De Jesus;
  • LGU-Hagonoy headed by Mayor Raulito Manlapaz Sr.;
  • LGU-Paombong headed by Maryanne Marcos;
  • LGU-Obando headed by Mayor Edwin Santos;
  • LGU-Macabebe headed by Mayor Annete Balgan;
  • LGU-Masantol headed by Danilo Guintu;
  • Dr. Francisco A. Magno, director, Jesse Robredo Institute of Governance of De La Salle University and Engineer Angel Cruz, proponent and private sector representative.”

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FEED’s presence was invited from onset to volunteer as an independent view for the group and to help raise awareness on the climate change crisis Philippine coastal communities are increasingly facing; and following various planting interventions conducted with partners “One Child, One Tree” and local volunteer groups in Bulacan (Hagonoy, Tibaguin, Malolos), including mulberry seedling and mangrove donations and nursery establishments; to planting of Bio-Intensive Gardens (BIG) and fruit trees in public schools:

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