Bolloré Logistics Asia Support Services Plant Coral & Mangroves in La Union

14 October 2023, San Juan, La Union – “Surfing Capital of the North”.  Bolloré Logistics Asia Support Services, Inc (BLASSI) marks Third Year as Eco Partner with FEED, Inc. through Successful Coral and Mangrove Planting in La Union.

It is very inspiring to witness the impactful and dedicated efforts of Bolloré Logistics Asia Support Services, Inc (BLASSI) as an eco partner of FEED. The commitment to environmental conservation and sustainability, particularly through the Ridge to Reef program, demonstrates a strong sense of corporate responsibility.

The collaborative initiative of coral and mangrove planting in La Union reflects a holistic approach to addressing climate change and preserving marine ecosystems. The involvement of Anne Marie Bakker and Diane Penales from FEED adds expertise and guidance to ensure the success of these ecological projects.

The attention to detail, such as the emphasis on the importance of corals in the marine ecosystem and the demonstration of proper coral planting techniques, reflects a thoughtful and responsible approach to environmental stewardship. Additionally, the inclusion of a beach clean-up further highlights the comprehensive nature of FEED programs which encourage environmental awareness as a core part of a community’s well-being.

The tireless efforts of the eco warriors, supported by Jongky Surf School‘s coaches, showcase a commendable spirit of cooperation and enthusiasm. The successful planting of 600 mangroves in the Barangay (Village) Taboc area is a significant achievement, emphasizing their enduring call to action for positive environmental change.

Overall, the collective effort and achievements of the eco warriors of BLASSI in this endeavor deserve recognition and appreciation. It’s heartening to see companies actively participating in initiatives that contribute to a more sustainable and resilient future for our planet.

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