Climate Change Survival 101

Climate Change Survival 101: How Trees & Bees Protect Everything

How to survive climate change? How can I help?

This CCS 101 course was designed to answer these questions, introduced to the public to raise awareness on global warming through a more broader and intensive information and educational approach, as well as nursery development and tree planting for water security, and agro-forestry for food production that can also be made relevant for the home.  Some of the topics to be shared in the program include policy and climate action, best practices in local climate change action planning and survival.

It is designed for those individuals, students, organisations or other teams that wish to get a full immersion in both the technical and practical, theory and knowledge on climate change and its impact on our lives; learnings into the global climate change phenomena and disaster risk and resilience methods as applied to our own lives. And how we can make adjustments in our own existence every day to be better prepared for water, food and energy security.

Climate Change Survival 101 appeals to youth as well as adults who seek to gain more knowledge and practical insight into how to engage and inspire others to have more impact on the environment through our day to day living.

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The half or full date CCS101 program involves some workshops prior to trekking/hiking the Sierra Madre mountains with FEED’s longest Living Legacy partner University of the Philippines Los Baños (UPLB) Laguna Quezon Land Grant site of over 9,000 hectares in Siniloan, Laguna. Overnight stays are also possible if required for groups of 50-80 persons, camping style.

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Climate Hazard Index: The Philippines is Multiple.

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