From a Small Seed a Mighty Trunk May Grow: UP Association of Biology Majors Establish 500 Native Philippine Tree Seedling Bank

26 March 2017, Siniloan, Laguna.  20 eco-inspired and active students from the University of the Philippines Association of Biology Majors (UP ABM) sponsored the establishment of a Philippine Native Tree Seedling Bank with an additional 500 new seedlings at the Laguna Quezon Land Grant site in Siniloan, Laguna this last March 26th, 2017.

“From a small seed a mighty trunk may grow”. – Aeschylus

“This tree planting activity helps us promote our UP_ABM_Logo.jpgenvironmental awareness, a duty that extends to us as citizens of the Philippines…to support the bio diversity and climate adaptation efforts of FEED and other organisations and people.” – University of the Philippines Association of Biology Majors (UP ABM), a youthful, vibrant and well-meaning group of students, most entering pre-medicine, environmental law, marine biology, and other prominent sciences.

Led by Forest Ranger Allan Libarnes of the Laguna-Quezon Land Grant (LQLG), in Siniloan, Laguna, the near 10,000 hectares of protected forests at LQLG is managed by the University of the Philippines Los Baños (UPLB) – FEED’s first and longest Living Legacy partner.

thumb_IMG_9741_1024The LQLG celebrated its 87th foundation anniversary last February 8th, 2017, so Allan shared a consolidated vision for us to continue our tree-planting advocacies with the community to help  raise awareness and funds for the site as a major venue for research, training, educational, recreational, team building and capacity-building activities; including facilities to feature its diverse flora and fauna.

SLIDE SHOW: UP ABM Establishing a Philippine Native Tree Seedling Bank, 26 March 2017

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The 500 seeding preparation, bagging and packing, seed filling and organising was fully carried out by the UP ABM group, with a technical demonstration and quality control guided by 7 members of the UPLB LQLG forestry security and ranger team.

Following the seedling bank’s establishment, the UP ABM students were pleasantly greeted by a surprise performance by FEED’s latest partner Lyn Buti Lumbago,  a cultural leader from the Tboli tribe in Sarangani Province, who was visiting FEED for a cultural and agro-forestry exchange and also helped with the March 25 and 26 tree-planting activities of FEED; Lyn danced an Earth dance to thank the endearing UP ABM eco-warriors for “contributing to the preservation of Mother Earth, from where we source the blessings of life sustaining food, water, oxygen and sun”.


Thank you UP ABM, may you continue to flourish as you help conserve our environment!

See the UP ABM Global Warming Awareness (GWA) Campaign:

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We are the UP Association of Biology Majors.

In its 41 years, UP ABM continues to build its members’ ideals and aspirations through its academic and socio-civic activities, like medical missions, tutorials, inter-high school competitions, college-wide events, publications and many more. And with the help of its 80+ active resident members and 550+ alumni, UP ABM continues to make morally upright members, while having fun!

Because in UP ABM, we don’t just study life, we live it!

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