FDPH Fanbase Plant 101 Trees for Byun Baekhyun’s Birthday

23 May 2022, Siniloan, Laguna-Quezon Land Grant, Sierra Madre Mountain Range. 101 trees have been planted in Byun Baekhyun’s name, a gift for his birthday last May 6th, 2022, made possible by FDPH – a Philippine fanbase dedicated for Chanyeol and Baekhyun.

Species for the 101 trees: Narra, Malaruhat ang Laneteng-gubat planted by community forest guards:

Randy Velina

Larry Rizaldo

Jimlie Ortega

Roger Glipo

Janirro Alawas

“FDPH celebrates ChanBaek’s birthday every year by helping the community. We’ve been doing fan projects for a cause since 2017. Instead of celebrating ChanBaek’s birthday by throwing a fancy birthday party, we choose to help the community by creating yearly fan projects that serves as our gift for Chanyeol Park and Baekhyun Byun.

Last 2017, we were able to help the victims of war in Marawi City were we sent basic needs since they were greatly affected by the war. 2018, we helped the rescued animals of PAWS PH by giving food and other needs of the animals.

In 2019, we helped the abandoned elders and organized a small party for them. 2021, during the pandemic recovery, we organized community pantry for our tricycle drivers. We also gave school supplies for the students of Philippine Insititute for the Deaf.

And this year, the fanbase decided to raise funds to help our Mother Earth heal. Thru planting more trees, we can help in our own little way to sustain Earth’s life. And the trees will be named after the birthday celebrant – Byun Baekhyun. It will serve as our gift for him for inspiring and giving light to EXO-Ls lives.

We thank FEEDINC for existing and making an initiative to save Mother Earth. It’s really nice and touching to see the collective efforts of people all over the world to sustain the Earth’s life. We hope that more people will be able to share and help your organization.”

Thank you FDPH fanbase and MORE POWER TO YOUR ADVOCACIES, thank you youth leaders for pioneering the way towards a more comprehensive development for our country!

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