2013 Philippine TV News 5 Raises Awareness on Deforestation

image-9July 10, 2013: Siniloan, Laguna, Philippines. Philippine television channel Rescue 5 is the Emergency Response Unit of News 5 (“Mula Aksidente sa Kalsada…Hanggang sa Bahay mo…Aaksyunan Ora Mismo! Higit sa balita, AKSYON!”), which covers accidents and action responses to such crises throughout the Philippines.

Rescue 5 called FEED to inquire whether they could take part in ongoing tree-planting activities with a documentary film crew. Following FEED’s signing of the Tri-Party MOA with the Philippine Army (PA) and the University of the Philippines Los Baños (UPLB) last month on World Environment Day, the tri-party launched on July 10th with Rescue 5 and agro-farmers from the Siniloan, Land Grant Site in Laguna Province, the Philippines under the “LIVING LEGACY: Plant a Tree, FEED Our Future” program.

The UP Sierra Madre Land Grant are a huge resource that has great potentials to support the functions of the University in a sustainable manner. At present, a number of activities threaten the land grants’ wildlife and for that matter, other natural resources. These threats include:

  • habitat destruction due to illegal logging, cutting of small trees for charcoal making and conversion of some areas into kaingin farms;
  • livelihood displacement due to inability of local inhabitants and settlers to maintain a sustainable living;
  • wildlife poaching; and
  • climate change.

A number of wildlife species in the area particularly the threatened and endangered ones are prone to local extinction if these threats continue to persists.

“There is a major a need to to undertake REFORESTATION and REHABILITATION of some specific sites in the land grant area to replenish the forest cover that serves as feeding, nesting, roosting and breeding cover of many wildlife species.  Eventually, such undertakings will also result in improved water quality along the water tributaries in the area that serve as habitat of some aquatic wildlife species.” -Ben Arizala, UPLB Land Grant Management Office

FEED invites individuals and organisations from all walks of life to get involved in the Sustainable Land Use Plan for the Sierra Madre Land Grants.

Join us! Learn more about our Living Legacy program here:  http://feed.org.ph/engagement-activities/tree-planting-forestry-restoration/

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