Sowing the Seeds for Growth and Development: ONE CHILD, ONE TREE Project

By Natalia Sali

15 September 2016, London, England. In the Philippines, there’s a saying that what you sow is what you reap. Sowing is the start of the process and it entails choosing the right seed, the appropriate type of soil, and giving the proper nurturance so that the seed grows and matures. Then, you harvest good fruits.

The same principle applies to “ONE CHILD, ONE TREE” project, an endeavour of the newly-formed partnership between schools, the local government, local government agencies, different non-governmental organisations, private corporations, volunteers, and FEED, Inc.

PosterOneChildOneTree (NataliaSali).JPGThe project started from a simple idea of instilling in children the value of trees. It has now the potential to grow into a long-term environmental project- one that will ultimately benefit the environment and empower community residents.

In practice, our partnership will start the new year by planting 2017 trees in 30 primary schools in Hagonoy, Bulacan. Teachers, volunteers, and community residents will be trained and provided the technical expertise to explore bio-intensive gardening. Students will be taught how to protect the environment and nurture the seedlings they’ll be planting. Everyone will learn to do their part for the environment.

FEED, Inc. our primary partner, will help us to sow the seeds and nurture them; to sustain the project for a long term impact on the lives of people and the environment; and to foster growth in the community. Young children will understand that their tiny hands are big enough to plant trees and that as young as they are, they can do things for the environment.

shutterstock_161352254_news_featured.jpgThere’s a collective effort amongst different partners because we know that one pair of hands will struggle to plant thousands of trees in one day nor can they sustain the trees until they are ready to bear fruits.


We therefore welcome organisations, corporations and ordinary community residents to help us realise our goals. Your practical support, technical expertise, and human resources will help us sow the seeds, literally and figuratively, and together, we will eventually achieve a bountiful harvest.


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