Hidden Benefits of Urban Gardening @ Work: Nat Re Sponsors Air Plants for Staff Health & Well-Being

NatRe-FEED-Habil-Airplants-02Aug2019502 August 2019, National Reinsurance Corporation of the Philippines (Nat Re), Makati.

Nat Re continues to demonstrate their core values*  of integrity, collaboration and sustainability, by having made urban gardening readily available for the well-being of their staff; to also give back to the environment, take climate change action, protect biodiversity and help green the Philippines.

NatRe-FEED-Habil-Airplants-02Aug201967On the 2nd of August 2019, FEED and its latest Living Legacy partner Habil Crafts brought green planting products and materials to Nat Re’s headquarters in Makati to share how to “create nature inspired indoor green spaces”.

All the required planting tools and materials – ingredients such as pebbles, sands, mosses, air plants and training – were provided by Habil Crafts, showing Nat Re Eco-Warriors how to make their own mossarium.NatRe-FEED-Habil-Airplants-02Aug201964

Indoor Design Specialist/ Habil Craft Owner Marz Conti – with the support of his parents –  demonstrated how to creatively assemble a terrarium, including proper care for the air plants, in order to equip Nat Re staff to maintain 100% survival, and contribute to their own well-being.  To ensure effective implementation, Marvz himself will re-visit Nat Re offices after 6 months to assess progress.

NatRe-FEED-Habil-Airplants-02Aug201949Indoor plants are relatively easy to take care of compared to conventional ornamentals requiring soil and additional nutrients other than water. Nat Re is the first pioneering company with FEED to bring the forest into their offices, serving as their warm up for ama upland reforestation in the Sierra Madres later this 2019.

NatRe-FEED-Habil-Airplants-02Aug201942The aesthetic appeal of green air plants is also one of its hidden benefits. The color green has a relaxing and calming effect, which eventually lifts the human spirit and contribute to the well-being of people in and around Nat Re’s offices. Not only do air plants remove harmful air toxins, they add natural beauty to peripheral office premises. Having plants on your office desk can make one feel positive vibes and natural Earth energy, which is essential to one’s mental and overall health.

During  FEED’s introductory “Sustainability Workshop” with Nat Re employees last 1st of March 2019 (also at their head office in Makati), Professor Alleli Ester C. Domingo from the Institute of Mathematical Sciences & Physics at the University of the Philippines Los Baños (UPLB)  said it best:  “Thank you so much for involving me in the sustainability forum powered by heartfelt energy at Nat Re last Friday, I had fun learning from the exchange of ideas and the genuine interest in Nat Re to truly integrate sustainability into their value chain”.

Professor Domingo was the guest speaker during FEED’s Sustainability Talks for Nat Re; she is a firm supporter of integrative learning, connecting mathematical concepts with arts and history to further engage those “visually oriented”.  Like FEED, Professor Domingo is also the latest fan of Nat Re. So much so, she continued to explore a partnership with NetRe’s internship program for her students.

It is thanks to organizations with climate leadership like Nat Re that encourage FEED to continue having faith in humanity and in our individual and collaborative ability to reverse critical climate change challenges in the Philippines.

Thank you Nat Re Eco-Warriors!

Thank you to the 48+ Nat Re eco-warriors for nurturing nature and helping greens thrive in our rapidly urbanising environs – may you inspire others to give back and take climate change action always!


1 Marian Albano 25 Honeylyn M. Araneta
2 Alexander L. Reyes 26 Irene Lozada
3 Allan R. Santos 27 Jayvi Dalino
4 Angelo Siason 28 Jea Joy Santos
5 Ayr Ainnie Alejandro 29 Johnell Louise Chua
6 Betsy Cruz 30 Jocelyn A. Castillo
7 Bhing Magtalas 31 Lilybeth R. Avila
8 Camille Aquino 32 Mari Gay Opelac
9 Carlsberg James Sambile 33 Marilyn Dela Paz
10 Carmel Torralba 34 Maria Carmen C. Ortiz
11 Cherry Lou R. Lorenzo 35 Michael Patricio
12 Daisy C. Salonga 36 Michelle Ann A. Yap
13 Dian R. Sales 37 Nats Magalona
14 Donna Ramos 38 Nora Lucos
15 Edelita P. Suyo 39 Mark Quintin G. Nunez
16 Eunice Carina Cruz 40 Rico Camince
17 Evelyn N. Bueno 41 Rojane Mendoza
18 Faye R. Agsaway 42 Rolly M. Velasquez
19 Francis Albert Alvarez 43 Russell Agustin
20 Francisco Lagman 44 Santino U. Sontillano
21 Greziel Curaming 45 Sandra C. Poblete
22 Regina Lourdes D. Papa 46 Sean Tabiola
23 Regina S. Ramos 47 Anthony Soliven
24 Glenda Alupias 48 Woodie Ebron


Photo Mosaic – Nat Re Air Plants Workshop, 2 Aug 2019


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Our team members’ extensive experience in direct writing companies affords us the ability to refine pricing to match with the appropriate underwriting approach of the chosen distribution and/or market.

We offer traditional reinsurance of mortality and morbidity risks, medical reinsurance, catastrophe, and coinsurance. Our strength is in Group Insurance where credit life and employee benefit lines dominate.

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Nat Re exists to promote and develop a strong national insurance industry and to provide for its integration in the country’s economic and social development.

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  • Sustainability – In all that we do, we consider not only the long-term impact on our business and the domestic insurance industry but also our shared responsibility to the larger society, national economy, and global environment.


At Nat Re, providing reinsurance capacity isn’t our only business. We believe that we do ultimately entails giving greater protection to the insuring public and helping them recover financially after natural disasters and other crises.

This is why we value forging meaningful relationships with private and public sectors partners in the sphere of disaster risk financing and insurance. By leveraging our combined resources and knowhow, we can create effective and affordable solutions for a more disaster-resilient public.

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Tree-Planting with FEED: Video 

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