Young Professionals Planting Date in Sierra Madres

February 28, 2021, Laguna Quezon Land Grant, Siniloan Laguna. 6 young professionals from the city decided to spend their Sunday up in the foothill of the Sierra Madre to plant 42 trees and give back to our mother earth. Planting trees is good for the environment and for our sanity. Safety is the primary focus during this pandemic but Sanity is also important especially now that we are still in battle with this Virus. Going out to do good for the environment and breathing fresh air is better than the FEAR that COVID installed in the mind of the people.

Most of our young professionals like Marinella P. Felizmenio, Cherryl Joyce G. Daguman, Elaine Kim Y. Lagunilla, Camelle T. Marquina, Mia Catherine B. Alderite, Tyler Jared L. Boone, Continue working in the most exposed and one of the most stressful fields during the Corona Virus outbreak. Some opted for gardening while staying at home but our 6 SAVE participants wants to have a first hand experience of planting in the real forest out in the wilderness. It is their way to reconnect to the Earth. This is also an excuse to be under the sun walking the 45 minute trail of the top ridge and planting their legacy.

Thank you and May the Forest be with you all, Always!

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