Propelrr Earth Warriors Adopt Mini-Forest in Sierra Madres to Address Global Warming

7 December 2019, Laguna Quezon Land Grant, Siniloan, Laguna – Sierra Madre Mountain Range.  24 staunch and fit Propellr (Search Opt Media, Inc.) Earth Warriors participated in the planting of 360 native Philippine forest trees last December 7th, to commemorate their commitment to the environment and helping the Philippines reach its contribution to significantly reducing Greenhouse Gas Reduction targets by means of tree-planting and carbon sequestration.

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“In Propelrr, it’s not just about reaching the KPIs and targets; it’s also about giving back to the community. The company corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives are a great way to be outdoors once in a while. Every year, the company decides on a different advocacy. This year is all about sustainability and the environment, and meeting the needs of the present without compromising future generations.

By putting words into action, the company switched their computers off, gathered their shovels, and got their hands dirty.

Sierra Madre
Sierra Madre Mountain Range, Philippines – longest in the country stretching 

FEEDing the Earth with Kindness

This was made possible in partnership with Fostering Education & Environment for Development, Inc. (FEED). FEED is a social enterprise responsible for working with the local community of Sierra Madre for site preparation, nursery establishment, enhancement and adoption programs, tree planting, managing and monitoring, and overall agro-forestry reforestation efforts, such as growing organic vegetables, planting trees in the orchard, setting up nurseries and seedling banks.

FEED started on the project called Living Legacy. It’s a way to engage the public to join the social enterprise’s efforts to help the environment. They don’t just focus on tree planting, they have programs for coral planting and watershed restoration.

Besides that, FEED offers scholarships to underprivileged students that are pursuing degrees in Agriculture, Environmental Sciences, Food Security, (Social) Forestry, Climate Change, and Sustainable Development. With these causes, you can see that FEED has been helping the community connect the public to nature since day one.

Thank you Propelrr EARTH WARRIORS!

1Kenneth Siochi13Allen Edward Cerezo
2Raul Velasco14Vilma Ann Turingan
3Angela Nicole Cadorniga15Jeny Agrade
4Nina Estenzo16Celina Marielle Velarde
5Jarniel Cataluna17Samantha Marguerite Azura
6Vino Angelo Bolisay18Eajay Tagaban
7Jamie Rose Aguinaldo19Paul John Delgado
8Danise Gabriel de Perio20Stefani Caye Jovellano
9Rayan Gacillos21Jeremille Margarette Finuliar
10Gian Faye Paguirigan22Reynante Santos
11Ryann Bartolome23Carlo Franco Gaspar
12Mica Anjelica Bajacan24Nat Estenzo

Turning over a new leaf


Last December 7, 2019, the team embarked on a 3-hour journey to Siniloan, Laguna, to kick off the tree planting project. Before the activity, the group was given an introduction about the trek, the organization, and the purpose of the activity.  The Propellr Earth Warriors planted on a part of the Laguna-Quezon Land Grant, over 4,500 hectares of lush forest terrain.

Presidential Decree 1153 installed in 1977: “REQUIRING THE PLANTING OF ONE TREE EVERY MONTH FOR FIVE CONSECUTIVE YEARS BY EVERY CITIZEN OF THE PHILIPPINES”, which translates into 60 trees during one’s lifetime. In addition to that, the recently-signed law requires Senior High School students to plant ten seedlings before they graduate. These legislations whether in for yet or not, or past and replaced, are intended to help combat the loss of natural resources and fight climate change.

Trees not only produce oxygen, they also act as a natural air conditioner, and helps reduce noise pollution as much as 40 percent. It is also very alarming to know that in the 1900s, the Philippines was covered in 21 million hectares of forest, and in 2007, it was recorded that we only have 6.7 million hectares rainforest.

The group wasn’t able to proceed to the original location since it was raining the day before. While the team trekked to the new location, the representative discussed how they have been taking care of the seedlings using specially-formulated fertilizer. The fertilizer includes a serving of appetizing chicken manure, organic compost, and soil. The group arrived at the site, prepared and ready to be filled with healthy seedlings.

Forester Reynaldo E. Lorida demonstrates to the Propelrr team how to plant the seedlings properly by removing the biodegradable seedling bag, compacting the seedlings and soil and planting them tall to reach optimum sunlight for growth.

Everyone in the team hurriedly started to unwrap the seedlings and plant them one by one. With bamboo shovels in their hands, they went to work and, to add a bit of fun, named their twelve seedlings.

Some named their plants Sinag, Maharlika, Will, Arden, Fernando, and Marga! What’s even cooler is that our volunteers can track their plants by asking for their trees’ coordinates so that they may view them through Google Maps.

The new certificate displayed proudly at home in Propelrr HQ.

A lot from the Propelrr team expressed their renewed interest in nature and the environment, thanks to this CSR activity made possible by FEED and Propelrr. See what the team voiced out about the tree planting.

According to Jeny, a social media specialist, felt empowered to fulfill and finish the requirements of tree planting thanks to the valuable information she gained about the environment.

Mica, a member of the Sales team, agreed that it was a great activity. She also adds that the event was similar to the teambuilding event, where everyone showed camaraderie and friendship.

Kends, an Admin Specialist and project head of the CSR activity, noted that he loved that Propelrr started choosing different advocacies. Even though the activity is not a requirement, he hopes that more employees can participate in the next CSR company activities.

According to Vino, a mobile software engineer, it’s his first time to join a tree planting activity. For him, aside from the activity proper, the most valuable part of the activity is the discussion on the SHS planting 10 trees as a requirement before graduation.

Many team members are also interested in trying the coral planting activity project by FEED. Most are looking forward to the next CSR activity Propelrr will be having, especially that it will be the company’s 10th year.

With smiles on their faces, the Aviators shared a quick photo op to commemorate the tree planting activity.


A windy detour

Before heading home, the employees went to Rizal Wind Farm in Pililla, Rizal. Rizal Wind Farm is composed of 27 wind turbines towering over Laguna de Bay. The entire farm is estimated to be able to generate almost 150 GwH of electricity for the community every year.


Planting trees shouldn’t be seen as just a requirement; it’s a way for the nation contribute to address global warming.

What can I do to stop climate change?

“As the world warms, extreme weather events are becoming more frequent and intense, sea levels are rising, prolonged droughts are putting pressure on food crops, and many animal and plant species are being driven to extinction. It’s hard to imagine what we as individuals can do to resolve a problem of this scale and severity.

The good news: We are not alone. People, communities, cities, businesses, schools, faith groups and other organizations are taking action. We’re fighting like our lives depend on it — because they do.

In a world of more than seven billion people, each of us is a drop in the bucket. But with enough drops, we can fill any bucket.” –  David Suzuki

Check out some of the ways you can take more climate change action.

For example, Climate Action groups are the local solution to a global crisis. Right now people just like you are coming together to develop practical, local solutions and make their towns and cities more climate-friendly. Are you ready to join them? Find out what’s happening near you.

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In 2015, the Philippine government submitted to the United Nations the country’s commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The country committed to reduce its carbon emissions by 70 percent by 2030. The carbon dioxide reductions will come from the sectors of energy, transport, waste, forestry and industry.

Join us!  Help us reverse the Earth’s “hothouse climate” tipping point.

Tree-Planting with FEED

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