CSR11 August 2020, Makati.   FEED joined the “GCash FOR GOOD” program, which for FEED comprises two main offerings:

  1. first, to enable participants and donors to pay for participation or sponsorship of FEED Ridge to Reef Climate Change Action Planting Programs through GCash (remotely or onsite, digitally or through mobile devices); and
  2. second,  to allow FEED to receive donations from other donors (which, in agreement with donors, will be allocated either to plantings or scholarships for deserving, underprivileged Filipinos pursuing studies in agriculture, agro-forestry, environmental and marine sciences, forestry and sustainability).

GCash For Good is a GCash corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiative that helps address various social issues: education, environment, health, animal welfare, and more. As passionate financial enablers, GCash recognizes the need to empower Filipinos in all aspects of life, including making it easier to help their fellowmen by donating to different non-government organizations (NGOs) on the GCash App. Now, it only takes a few taps on the GCash App to donate any amount and make a difference.

GCash For Good Logo Final

GCashFORGOOD-FEED-QRCODE (GQR) 2020Details on FEED’s GCash for Good account:

  • FEED’s Wallet ID: feedph_gpay
  • QR String: 281010051014502121517332
  • Mobile: +63 (0) 995 625 6047

About GCash for Good

With GCash for Good, GCash users can use the GCash app to donate to various groups to create an impact on society. This allows GCash to be a more inclusive and open platform that will help create better opportunities for millions of Filipinos.

“We have always strived to build a better financial ecosystem in the Philippines, and as a socially responsible corporate citizen, we want to leverage on our strength as a digital platform to help others create a better country moving forward,” Mynt President Anthony Thomas said.

Platform for generosity
GCash is mindful that people now prefer to donate online, as this removes the hassle of having to go through long queues and processes, and gives them more time to focus on their daily lives.

According to a study by Global Trends in Giving, 54% of individuals prefer to donate online, while the total volume of donations made online grew by a strong 12.1% in 2017.

Along with this, various research shows a growing trend in micro-donations and crowdfunding, with sites like Patreon and Kofi gaining massive support. According to Tech’s Good, micro-donations range between $0.25 and $10. This kind of donations, albeit small at a time, can make a huge difference once added up.

IMG_0982With innovative mobile money technology like GCash, people who want to do good are now empowered with a more efficient experience.

GCash for Good aims to create a community where doing good and giving back is open to all. Any amount will create huge opportunities for organizations that forward different issues. With GCash for Good, users will also have direct access to where their donations go. It showcases a more transparent and user-friendly interface for anyone to access.

“Our purpose for creating GCash for Good lies in our ardent desire to encourage generosity among Filipinos. We want to create more opportunities to allow people to give to and give back to the communities,” GCash CEO, Martha Sazon said.

For more details, visit: https://www.globe.com.ph/about-us/newsroom/partners/csr-gcash-for-good.html#gref

Donate from the safety of your home with GCash, click here:

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In 2015, the Philippine government submitted to the United Nations the country’s commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The country committed to reduce its carbon emissions by 70 percent by 2030. The carbon dioxide reductions will come from the sectors of energy, transport, waste, forestry and industry. Join us!

Tree-Planting with FEED

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