Mandela’s Mangroves: ASPEN & South African Embassy Celebrate Madiba’s Centenary Through Planting

AspenNelsonMandelaDayTreePlanting 16 July 2018-216 July 2018, Barangay Pullman, Malolos, Bulacan. For the 7th time since FEED met and planted with ASPEN Chairman and CEO Marcelina “Ace” Itchon, we are again astounded by the amazing spirit of ASPEN’s eco-warriors, who planted 1100 Bakawan native Philippine mangrove seedlings  despite the heavy habitat rains and the looming grey rainclouds on the 16th of July 2018, in celebration of Mandela Day.

20180716_065706ASPEN’s 26 participants were joined by 9 other eco-warriors from the Embassy of South Africa, led by H.E. Ambassador Martinus Nicolaas Slabber & wife Mrs. Sumarie Slabber. The Embassy also always organises and partakes in a series of Mandela Day celebrations 1 month in lead up to Mandela Day celebrated international on the 18th of July.

The 6-8 month old mangrove seedlings were provided by FEED LIVING LEGACY partners, 11 local Bantay Dagat representatives (local fisherfolk) from Malolos; with boats and brunch provided by the City of Malolos (represented by Ms. Cora Geng Castro), endorsed by Hon. Mayor Christian Natividad – the inspiration behind the Great Wall of Mangroves for Bulacan & Pampanga.

GPS Coordinates, ASPEN & South African Embassy Planting, 16 July 2018

About Mangroves

Mangrove forests are home to a large variety of fish, crab, shrimp, and mollusk species. These fisheries form an essential source of food for thousands of coastal communities around the world. The forests also serve as nurseries for many fish species, including coral reef fish.

Mangroves-Bulacan.jpgMangroves (and seagrass) play an important role in holding down the ground. The roots of mangroves help absorb the action from waves and help prevent shoreline erosion. When these trees and shrubs are removed, additional support structures such as seawalls are needed. Along the same lines, seagrass stabilize sediments on the seafloor. Without seagrass, most areas where they currently live would be a seascape of shifting sand and mud.

Mangroves and seagrass also filter pollutants, absorb excess nutrients from runoff, and trap sediments, helping to increase the clarity and quality of waters.


Thank you ASPEN and South African Embassy Eco-Warriors! 

ASPEN Philipines  14.  Eden V. Fuster South African Embassy
1.     Crystal C. Alvarez 15.  Monica D. Garcia 27. Ambassador Marthinus Nicolaas Slabber & Mrs. Sumarie Slabber
2.     Celso P. Avena 16.  Marcelina T. Itchon 28. Sekiwe Songelwa
3.     Catherine C. Bogñalbal 17.  Maylyn B. Latap 29. Armie Aledo
4.     Charisse S. Cabrera 18.  Steven M. Lumabi 30. Ellen Vega
5.     Elaine G. Castro 19.  Anne Ysabel T. Mutuc 31. Leila Custodio
6.     Myrra Mae R. Catarroja 20.  Marinell M. Ramile 32. Fernando Jovita
7.     Dominique A. Clemente 21.  Jo-Ann S. Ravela 33. Rufina Marcelino
8.     Gerly Gail D. Dela Cruz 22.  Maureen G. Romero 34. Eddie Salino
9.     Chinque D. Estole 23.  Recia Mae B. Sagun 35. Renelyn Rhae Marcelino
10.  Anna Lyn A. Felicilda 24.  Rocherr Louisa S. Salido
11.  Mitchelene A. Franco 25.  Charmaine Anne B. Santos
12.  Ana Sabrina B. Fresco 26.  Princess Ellisa S. Saraza
13.  Ma. Cecilia C. Funelas

2018  marked the Centenary of Nelson Mandela, it would have been his 100th birthday. The theme under which South Africans celebrated his birth worldwide was “BE THE LEGACY“.

Nelson Mandela 1918 – Forever

Madiba.jpg2018 marks the centenary of the birth of Nelson Mandela. This provides a unique opportunity for people around the world to reflect on his life and times and to promote his legacy.

Nelson Mandela established the Mandela Foundation as his post-presidential office in 1999. As he stepped away from public life he gave us a robust social justice mandate in the areas of memory and dialogue. The Mandela Day campaign was introduced in 2009 as a tool for the world to honour him by interpreting his legacy in the contexts of working to meet the needs of local communities.


When Mandela said, It is in your hands to make of the world a better place, he was passing on the responsibility to the next generation of leading and helping change the world for the better.

 Nelson Mandela Centennary - Be the Legacy.png

If we could be more like ASPEN and the South African Embassy and other eco-warriors worldwide, by practicing BEING THE LEGACY every day, the world can actually change our humanity’s climate resilience and disaster preparedness, particularly of relevance in the Philippines being one of the top 10 most affected by natural disasters every year (cith up to 20 typhoons and tropical storms per year).

Its about time we did take climate change action, one step at a time, but together, as there remains no other course but to collaborate and act now.


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This is a direct call to action to public institutions, corporates and individuals to act as sources of inspiration and engage in conversations and actions that commit to establishing sustainable programmes in local communities. This is to also inspire society to act every day and not only to take up the responsibility of impacting other people’s lives on 18 July, but throughout the year, too.
Make Every Day Mandela Day

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About ASPEN Philippines

Aspen Philippine Inc LOGOAspen Philippines Incorporated is the first South African pharmaceutical company in the Philippines. It started operating in January 2012 with only a handful of employees. But after a few months, it has rapidly increased to over 100 passionate Filipino staff.

With the company’s immediate and continued growth, its commitment becomes stronger. That is to meet the healthcare needs of Filipinos by providing a broad spectrum of high quality, effective, and affordable pharmaceutical products so that ultimately, lives can be sustained one day at a time.

Aspen Philippines’ range of products initially comprises of antibiotic, anti-hypertension, anti-gout, anti-platelet and anti-hypothyroidism. But the company continues to expand its reach, acquiring global brands in consumer healthcare, which include Dequadin, Kwell, and Valda Pastilles.

Now that Aspen has made its mark in the Philippines, Filipinos can now take advantage of an improved means to healthcare right at their fingertips.

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