29 SAVE Eco-Warriors & Forest Rangers Together Work to Restore the Sierra Madre Mountains

thumb_IMG_9671_102425 March 2017, Siniloan, Laguna. 29 FEED Students and Volunteers for the Environment (SAVE)   representing different groups from all walks of life, planted 1140 Native Philippine trees last Saturday, as part of their giving back to the environment, carbon footprint offset activity and simply to enjoy nature.

Lyn Buti Lambago.jpgFEED’s partners represented include Mondo Project, i-Volunteer, Peritus Knowledge Services Corporation and several groups of friends who spent from early morning traveling from all parts of Luzon to reach Laguna, with one volunteer coming from Sarangani Province in Mindanao, where she described:

“We are learning the ways of others in our country, so I can bring back some technical knowledge and share it with my Tboli community; and to also be able to share our indigenous farming & forestry knowledge with FEED and friends means much to us too. FEED will soon visit us in Sarangani to experience first hand how we work to preserve a sustainable life, lifestyle and livelihood – as nurturing of the environment is so important to us in our cultural preservation works – we cannot do one without the other. For example, our music and dance are inspired by nature!”

-Lyn Buti Lumbago, Cultural Leader, Tboli

Thanks to our March 25, 2017 SAVE Environmental Warriors!

Jasmine Cecille  Salem Lyn Buti Lumbago (FEED Guest)
Jan Bernard Tan Christopher Palce
Danalynne Dumaliang Jan Michael Mamites (3 shirts)*
Joyce  Armillo Rhina Rivadeniera (2 shirts)*
Jennilyn Redublo April Yukimteng (1 shirt)*
Maria Carissa Geronimo Mai Aclan (32 shirts)*
Kevin Magtulis Lovelle  Almazar
Miguel Gomez Aileen dela Rosa
Olenny Acebes Leizl Cantanero
Guinanie Marcelo Jaid Loraine Arcos
Janine Tapiador Carmelito Francisco
Marlene Florentino Devorah Faith T. Padua
Charmaine Espinas Angelica Kristina Monzon
Kath Rubio John Mardy Rongavilla
Melissa Eleria Oineca Love Manuel
Aldrin Grasparin Beatrice T. Arit
Joy Las Marias Nomer Cuartero (FEED SAVE Leader)

*FEED also wishes to thank its Living Legacy partner, Mondo Project, through its founders Rejina & Bogs Balangat, who produce joint FEED and other Mondo Project t-shirts with environmental messages; which for each shirt sold, a tree is planted. On this day, they enabled the planting of an additional 40 trees.

IMG_8295Mr. Nomer Cuartero, FEED SAVE Leader and staunch advocate of the environment, also a retired and returning Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW), captured the day’s spirit of engagement by documenting the photos and sharing the on social media.

Peritus Logo.pngPERITUS KNOWLEDGE SERVICES CORPORATION of the Philippines, a boutique consulting company, also became a FEED Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Patron, enabling the planting of  100 trees.

Thank you all for your support and engagement for the preservation of our environment, we hope you will continue your advocacies always.

SLIDESHOW of Students & Volunteers for the Environment  (SAVE), March 25, 2017

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1,140 Philippine Indigenous Species Planted, March 25, 2017

The various species planted were based on the forest designs and natural growth as observed and recommended by the College of Forestry & Natural Resources Foresters of the University of the Philippines Los Baños (UPLB), one of FEED’s main Living Legacy reforestation, planting, and applied research partners.

Click on the links below to see more about the characteristics of each species:


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Contact FEED for more information on SAVE or to organise your own Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Tree-Planting Activity: info@feed.org.ph, or call/text +63 (0)917 552 4730.

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