La Union Surf Club Launches First “Legends Cup” Honoring Pioneers in Surfing Capital of the North with Coral Planting

13 December 2018, Urbiztondo, San Juan, La Union.  The idea of this first ever La Union Legends Surf Competition 2018 (“LEGENDS CUP”) originated from various informal exchanges between La Union Surf Club, Inc. (LUSC) Events Team and the Elders and pioneers who started surfing in La Union.

LA-UNION-LOKAL-LEGENDS-SURF-COMP-2018-SPONSORSTARPAULIN.jpgIt came also from a collaborative desire to acknowledge and thank them for risk-taking, board donating/shaping and helping bring the sport of surfing to the foreground of tourism and development in La Union.

LU-Legends-Girls.jpgWe ultimately aim to document, capture and pay tribute to the history and role surfing and pioneer surfers shaped in the socio-economic progress of La Union – through interviewing, filming, photography and multimedia by bringing together these icons from the early 1980’s up to 2000’s.

Why the La Union Legends Surf Competition 2018?

  • To acknowledge the pioneers – the first known men and women (boys and girls) – who were known to have surfed in La Union from 2000 and earlier.
  • To honor them for paving the way and for preserving the local surfing vibe as well as responsibly involving neighboring (coastal) communities.
  • To thank them for braving the then unknown elements, and for being the revolutionary forces in the evolution of surfing in La Union.
  • To pay tribute to those responsible for upholding surfing as a professional sport, whilst ensuring the continuity of leadership through (educating) the youth.
  • To salute the innovators who transformed surfing into a cultural phenomenon that has stood the test of time.
  • To show respect to our surfing forefathers and foremothers who led the PGLU to endorse Philippine congressional recognition as the *Surfing Capital of the North.

*Proposed House Bill 6683 was authored by Abono Rep., Hon. Cong. Vini Nola Ortega, wife of Hon. Gov. Francisco Emmanuel ‘Pacoy’ Ortega III.  The measure directs the Department of Tourism (DOT), in coordination with other government agencies, to prepare a tourism development plan within a year after the bill is enacted into law.


It also directs the DOT to allocate P100 million annually to implement the plan that would include “the construction, installation and maintenance of facilities and infrastructure that shall develop and promote the beaches and surfing activities of the province.”


The LU Legends Cup will feature a range of classic to contemporary surf styles of eachcompetitor, but will also include Expression Sessions featuring the top 4 senior pioneers.


As defined by LUSC Elders, the Local LU Surf Legends eligible to compete in the first ever LU Legends Surfing Competition 2018 Invitational should comply with the following criteria:

  1. Must have been known to and acknowledged by a majority of the LUSC Elders to have surfed in 2000 and earlier in La Union Province, PH.
  2. Must already be an acknowledged member of LUSC.
  3. Must be confirmed by LUSC and the Elders as an upstanding member of LUSC, respecting all LUSC rules and regulations stipulated in the LUSC Charter and By-Laws.
  4. Honorary Local LU Surf Legends are some of the first non-Philippine / foreign riders from outside the PH who were also among the first to surf in La Union, some of which also established temporary / permanent residence in La Union 2000 and prior.

REGISTRATION by 18 Dec 2018

  • For every registration of an LU Surf Legend, LUSC will plant one coral in the San Juan based nursery established by Jongky Surf School, with technical guidance from Marine Biologist, Laura of Ocean Quest Global and SeaShepherd Dive.
  • San Juan is a part of the 5th longest coastline in the world and the idea is simple – to enhance our coastal communities’ protection from storm surges, to help increase biodiversity and to regenerate the remaining estimated 3% forest cover in La Union (accdg. to UPLB).
  • As LUSC’s LIVING LEGACY partner – Fostering Education &  Environment, Inc. (FEED) – will work with local volunteer groups, such as Lupon ng mga Indibidwal na Nangangalaga sa Kalikasan (LINK) and the Young Earthsaver’s Society (YES) to confirm appropriate planting sites, seedlings, monitoring and maintenance to ensure near 100% survival of what we plant.

CLICK HERE FOR THE REGISTRATION FORM: La Union Legends Surf Competition 2018 Registration Form


Sponsors1Sponsors2.pngSponsors3Sponsors4.pngSPONSORSHIP INVITATION & COMMITMENT FORM: La Union Legends Surf Competition 2018 Sponsorship Commitment Form


Who are the LU Surf Legends?

You have heard their names before. “They”, are often referred to as Pioneers and Masters; Originals and Forerunners; Discoverers and Disciplinarians. Leaders and Legends….the first to surf in La Union.

They strike reverence (and for some fear) – whether they are on or off the waves, fishing at sea or on beach patrol…

Their reputations precede them. Because somewhere deep down inside, we know that La Union’s surf spots may not have grown as organically as they have, had these pioneers allowed only commercialisation, only development or only tourism to develop our beloved province without the parallel preservation and protection of our community roots, culture, integrity and lifestyle.

These are the LU Surf Legends…


The motivation behind the first of its kind surf “Legends Cup” in the Philippines:

“We wanted the younger and new generation of surfers to recognize the legendary pioneers who built the foundations of surfing into the reputable, responsible and revered sport, recreation, lifestyle and profession it is today. After all, we the Philippines should also aim to qualify for the 2020 Summer Olympics.”  – LUSC Events Team Statement

Links to Event Details

LU Longboard.jpgCompetition Structure

  • Four-person heat structure. Four (4) riders will compete at any given time.
  • Best of two (2) of each heat will continue to the next round.
  • Each heat will run for 20 to 25 minutes, with their top two scores being used.
  • Only one (2) rider may ride a wave at any given time. Using common surfing etiquette rule where the surfer who is closest to the peak has right of way. Any interference with the surfer who has right of way, can incur a penalty and result in point deductions.
  • The Judges Panel (LU Legends in the Experience Session) will determine each riders performance from wave to wave, scoring from one to ten with two decimals. e.g. 8.51.
  • Scores are based on the difficulty of manoeuvres performed, including speed, power, and flow of each manoeuvre.

About LUSC, Inc.

Established in 1998, LUSC is a non-profit, non-government, non-political organization OF surfers, FOR surfers and BY surfers.  We ensure the total La Union surfing experience.

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