Siemens Eco-Warriors Happily Plant 820 Philippine Native Forest Trees in the Sierra Madres

20180727_111514.jpg27 July 2018, Laguna Quezon Land Grant, Siniloan, Laguna.  This account was produced by Geraldine Francisco,  lead organiser for Siemens, Inc. Philippines Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) tree-nurturing program held on the 27th of July 2018. Thank you Geraldine and every one who joined!

In the early morning of July 27 (Friday), 73 tree-planting volunteers from Siemens, Inc. uplblogoPhilippines headed towards the Laguna Quezon Land Grant (LQLG), a sprawling 6,765 hectare tract of forestland that straddles the border of Siniloan, Laguna and Real, Quezon.  Managed by the University of the Philippines, Los Baños branch through a government decree established in 1930, the LQLG is one of the identified areas for the Philippine government’s Expanded National Greening Campaign which aims to rehabilitate 7.1 million hectares of denuded, degraded, and unproductive forestlands in the country until 2028.

Located at the southern portion of the Sierra Madre mountain ranges, the LQLG, was a popular site among logging concessionaires a few decades ago before the era of log bans. Hence, replenishing its forest cover was high on the agenda of government and concerned private groups such as  Fostering Education and Environment for Development, Inc. (FEED), one of LQLG’s legacy partners.

Volunteers started trickling into the training center at 8:00 a.m. After everyone had registered and settled themselves, Anne Marie Mananquil Bakker, FEED’s Director of Partnerships, welcomed the group and thanked them for taking time off work to engage in CSR – “We are proud to partner with Siemens Philippines for a cause that will benefit future generations. It is only with the support of private groups and concerned citizens like anneyourselves that our vision of a greener and brighter Philippines can be achieved. You could be out there today closing sales, getting orders, and working on your to-do lists, but instead you chose to leave a legacy for the environment and for younger Filipinos who will inherit it. We are so grateful that you chose the LQLG as the site of your organization’s CSR activity. Through this CSR planting, Siemens also contributed PHP 12,000 to the FEED Scholarship Fund that will be awarded a practical research project in the field of sustainability, including a carbon sequestration estimation of the trees planted. Thank you very much, on behalf of FEED and our partners at the LQLG.”

Jorel.jpgJorel Nuyda, President and CEO of Siemens, Inc. Philippines commended the volunteers for living out the Siemens core value of being Responsible and for contributing to the company’s sustainability goals – “Colleagues, thank you for waking up early and travelling this far to help restore our country’s forest covers. Your involvement in this CSR activity is a reflection of our core value of being Responsible. It also shows your “malasakit’ towards the environment. We all know that trees contribute to the fight against global warming by absorbing carbon emissions which drive climate change. Trees also prevent the run-off of flood waters, soil erosion, and landslides – catastrophes that threaten communities and disrupt lives. What you will do here today will have an impact on future generations, so I would like to commend all of you for volunteering. This activity also offers us an opportunity to bond in a very meaningful way.”

Forester Rey LoridaRey Lorida, LQLG’s Head Forester and Manager shared historical data from the Forest Management Bureau of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources to give volunteers a clearer idea on the extent of the degradation of our country’s forestlands. He revealed that the country’s forest cover is now down to only one-fourth of its original state in the 1900s which holds the oldest forest cover data. He further shared that widespread logging is responsible for much of the forest loss, along with illegal mining operations, rural development and population expansion.

“The Philippines is losing around 47,000 hectares of forestlands every year. Our country’s forests are disappearing fast so we also have to act fast. We all have to develop the habit of planting trees. Hopefully, what you will be doing today is the start of a lifelong commitment to help our country rehabilitate its degraded forestlands,” he said to the volunteers before the group hiked to the planting area. A few colleagues stayed behind to do nursery activities in support of the next group of tree-planting volunteers.

After a 30 minute hike, volunteers reached the planting area, where site preparation and demonstration is done by the local community and forest guards. Then everyone started planting in earnest, amidst the happy banter and evident camaraderie of the participating teams.

Slideshow of Tree-Nurturing by Siemens, Inc. Philippines

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Around 820 seedlings of Philippine indigenous forest trees were planted within about an hour from arrival to site (approx. 1500 ft upland in the Sierra Madres).

20180727_110327.jpgVolunteers then proceeded to a lawn in front of a man-made lake for a simple lunch of home-cooked adobo wrapped in banana leaves (“Binalot”) which was prepared by community dwellers that also serves as their alternative livelihood. The local settlers in LQLG are often involved in FEED’s tree nurturing activities, from site preparation, to landscaping and vegetable harvesting to ensure their role in helping us all protect this part of the Sierra Madre’s watershed.

Four Siemens participants who stayed at base camp, participated in producing 200 nursery seedlings of Philippine native trees (which will be used during FEED’s next Students and Volunteers for the Environment / SAVE planting), pictured below – thank you!

The activity ended with the awarding of certificates to volunteers from Siemens Philippines, wherein Ms. Anne acknowledged the role of Geraldine Francisco who helped coordinate the program and Siemens CFO Mr, Mar Po – whose daughter had also planted part of the 4,500 trees at the LQLG during the USA Girl Scouts Overseas & Cub Scouts Pack 351 Manila planting on 27 February 2018.

The certificate reads in part – “We thank Siemens Philippines – as new FEED patrons of Education & Environment for your key role in significantly contributing towards Climate Change Action by sponsoring the planting of 820 Philippine indigenous forest trees in the Sierra Madre mountains, Siniloan, Laguna for estimated carbon sequestration and as part of the LIVING LEGACY: Plant a Tree, FEED Our Future CSR Program this July 27th, 2018.”

Siemens Tarp.pngThank you Siemens, Inc. Philippines for your Outstanding Performance as new FEED Patrons of Education & the Environment!

Last Name  First Name Last Name  First Name
1 Adarlo Arvin 37 Nuyda Joseph Jorel
2 Aguilar Cristeta 38 Orit Zenaida
3 Andal Bon Bryan 39 Pacheco Daryl
4 Araneta Carolina Adoracion 40 Pague Roa Ann
5 Arcilla Joey 41 Palacio Ric Jayson
6 Arcinas Menandro 42 Pamulan Samuel
7 Arieta Nobel 43 Pensaber Ara Grace
8 Brucal Mary Joy 44 Peralta Reymund
9 Buergo Jose Marie Enrico 45 Pinpino Nessi
10 Caballero Feromar 46 Po Mariano III
11 Candelaria Rowena 47 Ramos Terry Anne Janice
12 Caol-olan Krissia Anna 48 Ramos Christopher Leonardo
13 Carbonilla Gilda 49 Reaport Kimberly
14 Cheng Vincent 50 Rellora Jr Wilfredo
15 Chua Maritoni 51 Reyes Princess
16 Collantes Mary Rose 52 San Antonio Astra
17 Concepcion Juan Carlos 53 Santos Renelou
18 Denilla Wilfredo 54 Sendiong Arturo
19 Domingo Aldrin 55 Serafico Carla
20 Francisco Geraldine 56 Suiza Ronald
21 Hernandez Eunilyn 57 Tan Erlinda
22 Honrade April Gay 58 Tanchuco III Jesus
23 Janobas Nueva 59 Timkang Antonio
24 Ladia Gregorio 60 Tordecilla Edgard
25 Lector Maria Antonietta 61 Torres Joselito
26 Macanas Marilou 62 Tuliao Francis
27 Macatangay Irene 63 Umali John Reinoel
28 Malaluan Christopher John 64 Vargas Norman
29 Manuel Darren Elmarc 65 Velasco Maybelle Lynn
30 Mendoza Jonathan Kevin 66 Venus Adonis
31 Merced Marjorie 67 Villanueva Randy
32 Millano Josef Roderick 68 Villarubin Jr Reynaldo
33 Mingo Aida 69 Viray Jr Salvador
34 Mirto Jonalie 70 Yadao Almira Mae
35 Musa Regina Mariell 71 Yason Emil
36 Noceja Noreene 72 Yuchongtian Ann Janelle

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