2014 Land Grant Management Office Fosters More Tree-Planting with FEED

LGMO UPLB Cert App FEED Feb 2013

Sicilian, Quezon Province, Philippines, February 2014. The Land Grant Management Office (LGMO) of the University of the Philippines Los Baños (UPLB), responsible for upgrading, maintaining and sustaining the UP Sierra Madre Land Grants (approx. 9,000 hectares), acknowledged FEED’s “invaluable contribution to conserving the environment by holding tree planting activities” at the UP Laguna-Quezon Land Grant sites since 2011.

We are privileged to be working with so many encouraging green-warriors at the UPLB led by Chancellor Rex Cruz and Vice Chancellor for Community Affairs, Dr. Enrique Tolentino; the LGMO, under the leadership of Mr. Ben Arizala and Rey Lorda, our amazing 

Field Manager with his team; the numerous student volunteers from UPLB and neighboring schools; the Armed Forces of the Philippines 2nd Infantry Division, also known as the “Jungle Fighters” – under our tri-party MOU – as well as our own staunch environmentalists on the FEED Board. Thanks to the generosity of our benefactors, volunteers and partners, we really hope to be doing more of this on a regular basis during the rainy season and to help foster the social responsibilities of companies active in the Philippines that seek to support the sustainable livelihoods and development of areas that would otherwise be in severe environmental decline.

– President of FEED, Mrs. Ofelia Bakker-Mananquil

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