One Meralco Foundation Adds 2004 Trees to Sierra Madres for Earth Day

22 April 2023, Laguna Quezon Land Grant, Siniloan, Laguna – Sierra Madre Mountain Range.   Following their 100,000 trees planted this past January 2023, One Meralco Foundation added another 2004 trees to their Sierra Madre forest to honor Earth Day on April 22nd this year, and as a result of an internal fund raiser carried out within the Meralco group. The 2004 trees were planted mid March in preparation.

Native Philippine Seedlings Planted were Malaruhat (750), Lanete (750), Bani (300) and Pianga (204), with the site having been prepared in advance by forest guardians of the Laguna Quezon Land Grant, part of an over 9,000 hectare protected forest reserve managed by FEED’s longest Living Legacy partner the University of the Philippines Los Baños (UPLB). Thank you also to forest guardians:  Senando C. Velina, Teofilo Breganza, Jomer Romaraog, Cirill Guiaya, Benjie Velina, Wally Gomez and Elmer Dayandante.

FEED Director for Partnerships Anne Marie Bakker, BCWD General Manager Anselmo Sang Tian, OMF President Jeffrey O. Tarayao, and PROCESS Bohol Executive Director Aurelio Salgados Jr. during the Memorandum of Agreement signing held last September 29, 2022.

One for Trees is an environmental program led by One Meralco Foundation. It contributes to the preservation and protection of Philippine forests through reforestation and agroforestry. Our Goals. Nurture and protect at least 5 million trees by 2025.

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