Bluestone’s Third Tree Planting Provides Additional Forestry Livelihood for Local Community

25 June 2021, Laguna Quezon Land Grant, Siniloan, Laguna – Sierra Madre Mountain Range. Once again BlueStone were able to plant 707 seedlings in Land Grant last June 25, 2021 – making this their 3rd successful planting of the year, despite the pandemic.

For tree planting activities like Bluestone FEED works with its first and longest Living Legacy partner the UPLB, particularly for requests for upland plantings – whereby local communities are trained and hired to carry out the site preparation, tree planting itself, maintenance, monitoring and reporting; this community based approach to reforestation is a social forestry approach encouraged by the scientific community as one of the optimal means by which locals are empowered by professional forestry trainings and to continue the process of greening the Sierra Madre mountains through socio-economic livelihood programs.
BlueStone’s tree plantings also emphasize learning and knowledge empowerment that is practical and impactful, not only for the community residents but also for their own staff, partners and fellow Filipinos who might also be inspired to care and give back to our environment.
Native Philippine forest species planted were collected, propagated and managed by our local nurseries in the area, from which the following 707 seedlings were sourced for the planting:
  • Malaruhat: 300
  • Dangula: 200
  • Narra: 100
  • Bani:  82
  • White Lauan: 25

Thank you BlueStone Eco-Warriors and our Bantay Gubat – May the Forest Always be With You!

People living in the are suffering from poverty and this results to doing illegal jobs like slash and burn or in other words “KAINGIN” so the solution for this social project is to educate the people and solving the unemployment in the are. FEED and UPLB is very thankful for company like Bluestone who have consecutive planting per month this guarantee the employment and income for. the local community.
The impact that was made by each client of Bluestone goes beyond by just buying the product and planting trees they were also able to help the university to employ the local community and provide livelihood for them and also educate them about the harm that  “kaingin” brings to our environment and raise awareness as one on how this impacts us as one. Now tree planting is valued very positively by local community.
Tree planting is one of the easiest things in the process, anyone can do – plugging trees into the ground; but it’s the site preparation, maintenance and monitoring including reporting that comprise the toughest part of reforestation – yet occupies equal importance to planting itself to ensure each seedling’s survival for the next three years are the most important in the babies’ growth –  this is the work of the local communities that FEED always plants with, as they are always on  the ground making sure that whatever we plant makes it out alive to thrive, adding now to Bluestone’s Living Legacy.

Site GPS Coordinates

Use any GPS (Global Positioning System) software / applications to input the latitude and longitude coordinates to be able to remotely see the location of your trees planted. Some examples include:

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