Insider Account: How Special Ed Kids Brave the Waves

Insider Account

6 May 2017, San Juan, La Union.  Couldn’t have written it better – Insider Account by Lalah de Dios, Founder, Aquanimous Yoga  – thank you again Lalah!

“The beauty-FULL kids of TEAM Surf doing their morning pre-surf yoga warm-up and tandem surfing.

TEAM Surf is an annual surfing event spearheaded by another beauty-FULL soul in La Union, Melai Karaan. It is on its 7th year now and is organized by the speech & occupational therapists & SPED teachers of the SJL Therapeutic Education & Management (TEAM) Learning Center, in partnership with the La Union Surf Club.

This morning, I saw these kids brave the waves as they ride solo or in tandem with their coaches.

I saw these tough coaches become so loving & tender as they teach and ride with these kids.

I saw parents beeming with pride as they watch & take videos/photos of their kids surfing.

I saw volunteers happily & unselfishly serving and helping out.

When one is overwhelmed by such a wonder-FULL experience, how can he/she even begin to describe it?

I won’t even try. What I know is, the weather may be hot & punishing but this heart cannot be grumpy. It is warm and full ❤️

Thank you so much, @nani.wahini.melaiskie for inviting me to this amazing event! I need your expertise now because I am literally speechless.”

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Thank you Lalah for your candid and insightful story sharing, we look forward to more!


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Yoga photos by: Teresa Rose

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