A Forest for a Fan – SB19 Stell’s Birthday

16 June 20201, Siniloan, Laguna, Sierra Madre Mountain Range. SB19 is a five-piece Filipino boy group who flagships Filipino music and culture as they shoot for the world. The story of grit and passion behind their rising popularity has stirred fervent following from their fans, A’TIN. In celebrating continuous bagging of accolades, the group never forgets to thank their fans, as well as, reminding them to look back to their roots be it in achieving their personal dreams or in contributing positive changes to the community in their own little ways.

In the previous year, an A’TIN partnered with Fostering Education and Environment for Development (FEED), Inc. to plant Philippine forest trees in the Mountain Ranges of Sierra Madre as a simple gift for SB19 Josh’s birthday. In the same vein, to celebrate the special day of SB19’s main vocalist, Stellvester “Stell” Ajero, Team PaBB (SB19 fanbase) reached out to FEED, Inc. for a fan project to plant mangrove seedlings in the coastal areas of Bulacan in Stell’s behalf.

Mangroves are important in the defense of coastal areas, especially on a multi-island country like the Philippines that is visited by an average of 20 typhoons yearly. Climate change and coastal development pose risk not limited to erosion and flooding. Coastal habitats such as mangroves significantly help reduce said risks. Mangroves are also vital to coastal and biodiversity protection, water filtration, and serve as fish sanctuary.

Emulating the nurturing nature of SB19’s Stell, the fan project accumulated funds that enabled the planting of seventy (70) mangrove seedlings. It is with pride that the fanbase was able to celebrate Stell’s birthday while staying true to their roots, that is, in giving back to the community. It is echoed, as well, in SB19’s newly released songs in their Ikalawang Yugto. Their song “What?” shares a message of self-empowerment.

“MAPA”, on the other hand, is a tribute to our parental figures and can also be loosely tied to mother nature.

As SB19 keep the passion burning and inspire more people through their music, may we hear the heavenly voice of Stell and all SB19 members across the globe, just like a healing sound of nature, in many years to come.

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