FEED Your Future – Internships

FEED Your Future Internships / On the Job Training Program

Focus on any of FEED’s engagement activities, project proposals and management in areas of your interest. Due to the scale of our work, FEED is particularly interested in student teams from the Philippines (but also open to international students with an interest in development studies) who may wish to conduct a 6-12 month training to establish a livelihood program with FEED and partners.

FEED’s internship & training opportunities enable you to use what you’ve learned, expand your knowledge and benefit from invaluable on-the-job experience. Focus on any of FEED”s engagement activities, project proposals and management in areas of your interest. Opportunities are open to all candidates, and can span anywhere from a minimum 3 months up to 12 months, with a potential for recruitment.

Projects include the following themes:

  • Endemic, Endangered Trees of the Philippines – Growing Fruit-Bearing and Native Hardwoods for Immediate Livelihood Purposes.
  • International Project Fund Market Study: Identifying fund sources for:
    • Coral Reefs Rebuilding; 
    • Fish Nurseries Restoration; 
    • Sea Forest Replanting; and 
    • Integrated Watershed Management (incl. Coastal Zone Mgmt).
  • Social Forestry & Livelihood Development Studies: Creating Bio-diverse, Edible Gardens Addressing Malnutrition in the Philippines.
  • Integrated Marketing Campaign Plan
    • Press & (Social) Media Management Plan
    • Website Re-development
  • Design & Implementation of Real-Time Carbon Credit Schemes.
  • Design & Implementation of Online Monitoring System for Philippine Trees.

The FEED Your Future Internship Program is meant for individuals seeking to gain practical experience in the fields mentioned above, in leadership with the FEED team (Board, Advisor, Project Teams and Partners), conducted fully by and with FEED as an “on-the-job” training or practical experience and it is up to proposing academic institution/individual who wishes to participate  (i.e. the students / respective universities) to assess the quality of their respective student’s training – which can of course be done in collaboration with FEED. The FEED Board also comprises members of the Academia who are able to help assess and eventually certify the student’s experience, progress and results.

As such, it can be considered similar to a “part-time job placement” or “practical training period” as part of the students respective University requirement or extra credits, and it can also be viewed as a corporate (in our case social enterprise) training experience.

We are also open to hearing your ideas!  To apply, please email info@feed.org.ph with your CV and proposal on how you believe you could add value to our work. Please look into our Engagement Activities to know more.


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