FEED Joins “Lupon ng mga Indibidwal na Nangangalaga sa Kalikasan” (LINK) to Plant 100 Mangroves by Carlatan River

LINK20 March 2017, Carlatan River, La Union.  Last March 20th, Frankie Mendoza, Jojo Naples, Ronalyn Jocutan, Ezekiel S. Racuya, Ma. Panela D. Gabriel, Jerome P. Tango, Celso H. Jucutan, and Rudy Ostrero took time out of their work and school schedules to plant 100 mangroves (Bacauang Babae and Lalake) along the Carlatan River in San Fernando, La Union.

Mangrove propagules and seedings were sourced by local fisherman “Manong Rudy”, one of the long-time volunteers from the San Juan fisherfolk community, who manages the regular supply of quality mangrove propagules for these plantings.

FEED was represented by VP Operations Diane Penales; Students & Volunteers for the Environment (SAVE) Leader Nomer Cuartero; and Director, Partnerships Anne-Marie Mananquil Bakker.

Photos Courtesy: Nomer Cuartero

LINK or Lupon ng mag Indibidwal na Nangangalaga sa Kalikasan  (Tagalog) means Group of Individuals Caring for Nature/the Environment.

LINKLINK volunteers gather as often as possible every month to do plantings along the rivers and coast lines of La Union, to tackle pollution control and to restore the ecosystem, promoting biodiversity, environmental youth leadership and active volunteerism.

FEED Becomes Member of LINK

On the same day, FEED also committed to becoming a member of LINK, to join efforts in our reforestation and environmental projects in La Union, covering “Ridge to Reef” solutions integrating resources to raise awareness through social & media campaigns,  environmental seminars for public schools and community engagements throughout the year.

LINK has experience since 2011 organizing annual community engagement activities to raise awareness and funds about their efforts.

Last year on November 27th, more than 5,000 runners from different schools and government agencies participated in the “Takbo para sa Kalikasan” initiated by LINK, with the theme, “It’s not when you finish it’s why,” which successfully raised funds for different programs for the youth,including leadership training and environmental protection projects and advocacies.

Vice Mayor Alfred Ortega of San Fernando City, also the founder of LINK, said the group is “a network of different youth organisations not only in the city but also in the whole province”.  -Source: http://news.pia.gov.ph/article/view/381480149828/runners-in-la-union-show-love-for-environment-through-fun-run#sthash.4vdkkE5Y.dpuf

Technical Guidance Sought from the Fisheries Research & Training Institute (FRTI)

Fisheries Research & Training Institute (FRTI), Paraoir, Balaoan, La Union. Following the mangrove planting and meeting with LINK, FEED visited its scholarship partner Don Mariano Marcos Memorial State University (DMMMSU) Bacnotan, to travel to DMMMSU’s Fisheries Research & Training Institute (FRTI) in Paraoir – to seek technical inputs and guidance on joint critical planting interventions along La Union coasts and rivers, watersheds and other disaster prevention areas typically prone to flooding and other severe climate change challenges  affecting local livelihoods.

On the way to FRTI, along the fishing village nestled just outside a large cement production facility, were giant clams (scientific name Tridacna gigs) lining the coastal road across from the local fish drying tables. According to agro-forester and Professor Lilito Gavina, Director of International Partnerships at DMMMSU, large parts of the land were under sea thousands of years ago!

Photos Courtesy: Nomer Cuartero

About LINK

Building a community of young greens through environmental Action, Conservation and Education. ACE!



“I am a YOUNG ENVIRONMENTAL CITIZEN and committed to:

  • Advocate environmental education activities;
  • Plant and nurture trees;
  • Conserve water;
  • Save electricity and patronize clean fuels;
  • Efficiently segregate, process and dispose waste;
  • Use recycled and eco-products;
  • Help enforce laws on the environment and natural resources;
  • Report smoke belchers;
  • Report any environmental violation to the authorities;
  • Support the youth and eco-groups; and
  • Support other programs that will enhance environmental protection and management.

I am part of this Earth, a thread in the web and interrelated with every existing organism. As a steward of creation, I have the responsibility to protect and sustainably manage the resources for the generations to come.

You and I are not alone in this cause. There are partners. We have the LINK. A LINK that binds us together to ease environmental stresses.

With concerted efforts, support and network, you and I will arrive at our common vision – A COMMUNITY OF YOUNG GREENS.”

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pg/LINKfornature/about/

CONTACT DETAILS: Call +63  (072) 607 0507  @LINKfornature

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