Studio Hábil Crafts New Green Products with FEED

19702122_1013114868825891_87496731703811974_n.jpg12 February 2018, San Juan, La Union. Founded on 21 September 2013, Hábil Crafts products celebrates the work of our hands. Everything is handmade.

FEED agreed to meet up with Hábil Crafts Founder Marvz Conti at the same moment we were and are exploring bringing greens into urban areas and homes, responding to our President’s thoughts that: “If people cannot make it to the mountains or seas to plant, we should bring the forest to them,” Ofelia Bakker-Mananquil ruminated;  “Let’s develop new products together (with Hábil), converge our ideas and efforts to reach out to those who cannot always make it back to nature, through these products, e.g. edible and herbal gardens, we can bring nature into communities, homes, schools, offices, etc. We need portability, modularity and flexibility.”

Studio Habil.png“Craft is a way to connect with people, a way to create a community that you are inspired by, ” says its founder Marvz Conti….”Our name comes from the Latin word habilitate which means ability and skills. We celebrate makers from designers, artisans, crafters, and creatives who paved the way for us and from whom we draw inspiration and support.  We are redefining how people interpret and consume the handmade. We support the Filipino craftsmanship and hopefully inspire the next generation of makers.”


Habil Crafts previous students, Tina and Mara talk about the benefits of taking care of an air plant.  Source:

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