Founder of “One Child, One Tree” – Natalia Sali Becomes FEED Ambassador

17 February 2017, London. Natalia Sali loves three things: people, animals and the environment. She is a social worker by profession and does manage a service for children with special needs and disabilities. She has run many races to raise funds for cancer research, children, and breast cancer education.

Her love for the environment is the main reason why she became vegan. She reckons that Earth has given us so much and we should give back whatever we can to protect it. She volunteers to raise people’s awareness on the benefits of plant-based diet and its impact on the environment. This is also the same reason why she loves planting trees and helping to protect the wildlife.

Her most recent experience of coordinating “One Child, One Tree” Project in Hagonoy, Bulacan opened her eyes to many things. She found that there is so much we can do to protect our natural resources. She also realised that people do want to help and usually commit to good causes. She was inspired by the dedication of the volunteers, Hagonoy schools, and groups like FEED, Green is Good & Eco Rangers.

She has fond memories of FEED. Anne-Marie Mananquil Bakker (Director of Partnerships) was the very first person who offered help when she was planning the project. From then on, Anne-Marie & her colleague Diane Penales (VP, Operations) have been supporting environmental projects in Hagonoy.

Natalia is truly honoured and delighted to be one of FEED’s ambassadors. She welcomes the opportunity to promote and support their environmental activities. She believes that being an ambassador is one way to do good things for Mother Earth and her children.

More Information

For more information on One Child, One Tree, contact FEED Ambassador Natalia Sali: Natalia Sali <>

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