E-Trikers, Global Catholic Climate Movement & Student Volunteers Plant 260 Endemic Philippine Trees

29 Nov 2016, Siniloan, Laguna.  This last Saturday, 26 November 2016,  35 of FEED’s Student & Volunteers for the Environment (SAVE) planted 250 Philippine endemic hardwood trees and fruit bearing species in the Sierra Madres’ 9000 hectare+ Laguna Quezon Land Grant site, in Siniloan, Laguna. The SAVE event drew two organisations and 2 volunteers, namely:

  • BEMAC Electric Transportation Philippines Inc. – formerly Beet Philippine Inc. – a major Japanese producer of Electric Tricycles, or “e-trikes”, with 22 participants on site planting 140 endemic Philippine Malaruhat and Malasantol/ Malarambo (in Tagalog; original Latin name: Sandoricum_vidalii)*, the latter bearing yellow white flowers and gooseberry type fruits usually eaten raw and also used to flavour vegetables and fish – a species found in primary forests at low and medium altitudes;
  • Global Catholic Climate Movement, 9 participants on site planting 100 of the same species; and
  • Four SAVE Volunteers Fatima Taradji, Rainier Omli, Joseph Estrella and Emerson Santos – each planting 5 seedlings of the same species. THANK YOU!!!
*Source: http://uses.plantnet-project.org/en/Sandoricum_vidalii_(PROSEA).

SAVE Photo Journal, 26 November 2016

BEMAC produces electric vehicles (EV)/tricycles, called “e-trikes” to promote a greener lifestyle for drivers, passengers and the greater community. With a 15 year history of producing Electric Vehicles (EVs) in Japan, the company established its own manufacturing operations in the Philippines to help decrease the country’s dependence on imported fossil fuels and contribute to cleaner air through the production of more eco- friendly products and services, including building of smart grids and commercial EV transportation systems as a package for fast-growing markets.

Thank you BEMAC Participant Tree-Planters!

Jeremy Rodriguez      John Marasigan
Gina Natal                   Noel Dimaano
Lorie Go                       Sherwin Rodriguez
Camille Sulit              Rommel Tagala
Jasmine Caliboso      Ferds Paras
Sid Gida                       Joel Del Rosario
Bryan Lugtu               Lunel Libradilla
Rhea Diano                Dennis Realubit
Joy Ebro                       Edgar Orense
Grace Loterte            Christian Tolentino
Roma Fernandez      Jerome Santos

GCCM.pngThe Global Catholic Climate Movement shared their “call for prayer, a call for action”.

“We are people of hope,” the bishops of the Philippines once wrote. Like them we believe that together and with the grace of God “we can change the course of events.”

First, we recognize that conversations about the climate crisis have historically been more about intellectual arguments than about the profound spiritual and moral implications of our failure to care for God’s creation. Catholic leaders are thus called to speak with a prophetic voice and in a spiritual dialogue with all people, especially those political and business leaders and consumers who engage in climatically destructive policies and practices. And we recognize our own need for ongoing conversion to live more in keeping with the Creator’s intentions for life in abundance for all people. Until the moral implications of anthropogenic climate change are clearly established and accepted, it is unlikely that societies can or will transition in an appropriate timeframe to sustainable technologies, economies, and lifestyles.

And so in light of growing scientific evidence and real-world experiences, we offer our prayers for God’s healing grace as we work in the world to care and advocate for the needy and all creation.

Source: http://catholicclimatemovement.global/our-statement/

Thank you GCCM Tree-Planters!

Angelina Mumar Mae Rosarie Grandez
Christian Devi Ancajas Maria Celina Baltazar
Christien Mae Tolentino Maria Fe Baltazar
Daisy Mae Macunat Marianne Baltazar
Jeramie Anne Javier Marie Ferrey Baltazar
Jonathan Malayo Sonya Tolentino
Kathlyn Tolentino Wayne Marco


BEMAC Logo.pngBEMAC has 15 years of Electric Vehicle (EV) innovation in Japan. BEMAC Electric Transportation Philippines Inc. – formerly Beet Philippine Inc. – was established to manufacture Electric Tricycles (“e-trikes”) powered by the state of the art technology delivering superior quality on parts and service, with technologies from high-end powerful motors, durable chassises, long lasting lithium ion batteries and vehicle control units (VCU) for maximum mileage efficiency. These all work together to make one of the best EV Tricycles in the world.

For more information on BEMAC, visit: 

About the Global Catholic Climate Movement

The Global Catholic Climate Movement is a first-of-its-kind international coalition of Catholics from many nations, continents, and walks of life. We are laity, religious, and clergy, theologians, scientists, and activists from Argentina, the Philippines, the United Kingdom, Kenya, Australia, the United States, and many other nations. We are united by our Catholic faith and our work in various roles and organizations on climate change issues.

Picture1.pngOur collaboration echoes the global dimensions of the Catholic Church and a shared sense of responsibility to care for God’s beautiful, life-giving creation. We are inspired by Church teachings and guided by the virtue of prudence—understood by St. Thomas Aquinas as “right reason applied to action.” We accept the findings of scientific leaders, such as the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), that humanity’s greenhouse gas emissions are contributing to widespread and mostly harmful changes to planetary systems. We are certain that anthropogenic [human-made] climate change endangers God’s creation and us all, particularly the poor, whose voices have already spoken of the impacts of an altered climate.

For more information, visit: http://catholicclimatemovement.global

ABOUT Students & Volunteers for the Environment (SAVE)

SAVE_LOGO.jpgFEED’s Living Legacy SAVE Tree Plantings are held every last Saturday of the month during the rainy season, from July to February (hard wood & fruit bearing trees; bio-intensive gardens/BIG); and February to July (coastal, riverbanks, uplands and BIG). Thank you to Fatima Taradji, Rainier Omli, Joseph Estrella and Emerson Santos for joining our SAVE on 26 November 2016.

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