“An adventure enthusiast with a big heart for a great cause” – Meet New FEED Ambassador Joy Cristine Siy a.k.a. Joy of the Jungle

14 August 2016, San Fernando City, La Union. Meet FEED’s latest Students & Volunteers for the Environment (SAVE) Ambassador Joy Cristine Siy, “an adventure enthusiast with a big heart for a great cause”.

Joy Cristine Sy

2016 – Joy Cristine Sy, An Adventure Enthusiast with a Big Heart for a Great Cause.

Joy’s happy, contagious laughter could be heard by the 15 SAVE participants and University of the Philippines Los Baños (UPLB) Foresters who joined FEED & UPLB last 30 July 2016 during the 2016 launch of the Living Legacy – SAVE tree planting  program.  When we went over to pick Joy up from the site planting at the Laguna Quezon Land Grant site in Siniloan, we were flooded by the warmth of Joy and friends Camille Quinit and Jan Mangahas who were the latest to join the group’s technical introduction to the program.

After spending half a day trekking, planting, reforesting and exploring the foothills of the Sierra Mountains, and during the Certificate Awarding ceremony, the concluding remarks during lunch were infused with Joy’s natural leadership initiative, encouraging everyone’s  active involvement and support for FEED & the continuity of the SAVE planting program.

Forester Rey Lorida of UPLB’s Land Grant Management Office captured the moment aptly: “Our joint efforts must be continued with young leaders like yourselves; we cannot do this alone, and the Philippine Army (PA) – FEED’s and UPLB’s “Planting for Peace” Partner, Jungle Warrior Division, 2nd Infantry Battalion – are not always available to be with us preparing the site with the local community, protecting us in more remote areas of the Land Grant borders, as they  are seconded to higher sand more urgent security challenges, such as the West Philippine Sea.  So thank you for understanding how important this exercise is for all of us, we hope you continue to spread the word and gather more environmental enthusiasts to restore the indigenous Philippine forests in supporting the livelihoods of all its inhabitants.”

Some days later, upon reflection, FEED’s leadership team decided to nominate Joy as its latest FEED SAVE Ambassador. Upon hearing the news, here is how Joy accepted:

“Hello beautiful disciples of Mother Earth!
Thanks for sending over my certificate! Definitely worth the wait! 🙂
I am also very excited to join your upcoming activities any way I can. And although I do have other things on my plate, I will surely make time for this cause.
With this, I am officially accepting the ambassadorship that FEED has offered. It will definitely be my pleasure to work with you and to represent this organization. I wouldn’t say I am an expert on anything, but one thing I really enjoy doing is making people happy and encouraging them to explore, experience and evolve so we can all live a more fruitful and positively – charged lives- both as individuals and as members of society.
I’m also sending over my photo and grateful if you can add below as my one-liner descriptor (I am overwhelmed with the other ambassadors listed so instead of including my professional background, I opted to be known for my interest and for the kind of person I am…):
“An adventure enthusiast with a big heart for a great cause.”
Lastly, I’d like to thank you both for being awesome role models. Believe me, I wouldn’t say yes and be all ecstatic in joining this org if not for you two.
Thanks again and see you soon!

FEED is blessed to be working with its leaders who wear their hearts on their shoulders, in the same way its Foresters brave the harsh weather, topographical conditions and sometimes even criminal elements in helping to restore the Earth to its natural glory, also ensuring the safety of all involved, including the local sometimes marginalised communities.


Joy of the Jungle, trekking with friends Camille and Jan, 30 July 2016: Students & Volunteers for the Environment

Thank you Joy Cristine Siy for recognising the Earth’s need for help, and for genuinely demonstrating the quote you shared with FEED in your acceptance this August 2016:

“Courage is not the absence of fear rather it’s knowing that there are more important things than fear. The brave may not live forever, but the cautious do not live at all.”

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