FORESPONSIBILITY Plants in Sierra Madre to Draw Public Awareness & Action

12 July 2022, Laguna Quezon Land Grant, Siniloan, Laguna, Sierra Madre Mountain Range.

Foresponsibility is a team of 13 students from Gen. Pantaleon Garcia Senior High School, whose initiative is to help organizations fight deforestation.  They requested a direct intervention in the Sierra Madre mountain ranage where indigenous Philippine trees and communities are restored.

The members/representatives of Gen. Pantaleon Garcia Senior High School donated two separate amounts on different dates to take part in FEED’s Students and Volunteers for the Environment (SAVE) initiative, which is a FEED Climate Change Action Program co-financed by FEED in order to bring down the costs of tree-planting/reforestation work in order to make it more accessible to the general public, public school students in particular.

  • From John Ronell Reyes sent 150 pesos on 18th June 2022.
  • From Zyril Del Rosario  sent 850 pesos on 21st June 2022.

FORESPONSIBILITY members donated a total of P1000 to plant 20 trees at the Laguna Quezon Land Grant, part of an over 9,0000 hectare protected forest reserve managed by FEED’s first and longest-service Living Legacy partner, the University of the Philippines Los Baños (UPLB).

Thank you for restoring a part of our valuable Sierra Madre mountains FORESPONSIBILITY, may the forest be with you always!

Picture Gallery with GPS Coordinates of Planting Site

Use any GPS (Global Positioning System) software / applications to input the latitude and longitude coordinates to be able to remotely see the location of your trees planted. Some examples include:


We are Grade 11 TVL-ICT CSS Students from the General Pantaleon Garcia Senior High School. Our team consists of eight individuals: Mitski Zyril Del Rosario, John Ronell Reyes
James Paolo Pereda, Rafael Roy Reorfrif, April Joy Banuelos, Rhoyet Maravillas, Kyle Dagsaan and Angelyn Batican.

Foresponsibility is an informative website that has raised public awareness of environmental deforestation issues. We have created information that can provide people with accurate and reliable data and information about deforestation.

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How Trees Secretly Talk to Each Other (BBC News)

Trees talk and share resources right under our feet, using a fungal network nicknamed the Wood Wide Web. Some plants use the system to support their offspring, while others hijack it to sabotage their rivals.


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