“It’s the Call of our Time: To Plant”

“It is through actions of Love toward our Self, our Earth and towards Each Other that we can truly evolve as a species and have the life we were meant to live.”  -Dorothy Campbell, SAVE Volunteer, 27 May 2017


27 May 2017, Laguna Quezon Land Grant.   During the planting of 1,200 seedlings sponsored by Emerson Philippines on the same day, 6 Students & Volunteers of the Environment (SAVE) planted 200 Philippine indigenous wood trees in Siniloan, Laguna at the agro-forestry reserve located at the Laguna-Quezon Land Grant, as part of FEED and the University of the Philippines Los Baños (UPLB)‘s Living Legacy Program.

SAVE volunteers who took time from their family and friends were Dorothy Campbell, who recently moved to the Philippines last 2016 as was seeking a meaningful day out giving back to nature, sharing her sentiments that “it’s the call of our time: to plant and we must do more!” Below is Dorothy’s account.

First Time SAVE Insider’s Views on Tree Planting

We went to plant trees with FEED and what an amazing experience we had volunteering! We met the most amazing people who have dedicated their lives to conserving our forests and had an amazing Filipino brunch cooked with local ingredients while doing something so meaningful!

We left feeling rejuvenated, with a fresh outlook on life, full of hope, love and appreciation.

I truly believe in what FEED is doing in planting trees, and saving our earth, humans and all of life. We are all one with nature. We are nature. Our Mother Earth and all of life need us all to wake up and see that we are One with the earth and one with each other. We destroy earth we destroy ourselves. We heal the Earth we heal Humanity.

It is through actions of Love toward our Self, our Earth and towards Each Other that we can truly evolve as a species and have the life we were meant to live. This shift in consciousness is what each one of us can contribute to the process. This is the awakening that is showing up for us now! Let us wake up and SAVE planting! Let us come together as one with nature, one with our Self and one with each other and Save our earth. One way we can do this is through planting trees! As individuals first then collectively. No trees no humans. More trees more life!

Plant with family, friends, colleagues and Save the earth while experiencing peace, serenity and calmness in the Sierra Madres Mountain Range (longest in the Philippines). SAVE  with conscious planting!

So excited to be going back in a couple weeks.

– Dorothy (earth citizen living in the Philippine for the last few months)

FEED and UPLB foresters were also joined by Sittie Cattleyah A. Macabanding and Sittie Sharihya M. Valenzuela, sisters of the environment, who also wanted to tree plant as part of their National Service Training Program (NSTP), a civic education and defense preparedness program students instituted by the Government of the Philippines.

FEED Ambassador Bogs Balangat, also the merchandise partner of FEED, planted another 4- trees from his company Mondo Project’s t-shirt sales with environment messages; for each shirt sold, a tree is planted. Bogs is also an advocate of education and involving our youth leaders at a young age to be exposed to nature’s needs, so he brought his niece to plant with him and appreciate more about the forests rather than weekend living through an ipad or computer simulation.

Thank you all for purchasing Mondo Project t-shirts for the environment, for which we planted a tree in your name, hereby acknowledged!

Nalla Cubacub Nona
Levi Agoncillo Rosie
Trebla Laylo Ika
Amado Castro Marvin Martinez
Jen Ingrid Seva-Bulos
Jessie Ron Jacob
Jessie Renedick Baccay
Mai Paul Murillo
Jhoy Lou Angelo Gatchalian
Louie Carl Contal
Mitch Vince
Lei Neil Clayton Esguerra

All SAVE participants received a Certificate of Appreciation to acknowledge their contribution towards saving our forests and the lungs of the Earth.

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