“More Trees, More Food: I never knew planting could be so much fun!” – Year 3 Student, 7 yrs old, British School Manila

29-30 January 2019, Siniloan, Laguna.  “More Trees, More Food: I never knew planting could be so much fun!” – Year 3 Student from the British School Manila, whilst planting at least 13 of the 1000 native Philippine trees in the Sierra Madre mountains as part of the class’ Climate Change Survival 101 immersion program with FEED. 

dr virgilio t. villancioIt’s so surprisingly fulfilling to plant with Year 3 students with an average 7 years of age.  They exhibit the most eagerness, diligence and fun whilst planting – despite the grey skies and rains with chill factor of close to 13 Cº,” stated Dr. Virgilio T. Villancio, who manages the Land Grant Management Office (LGMO) of the University of the Philippines Los Baños (UPLB) – FEED’s first and longest-running LIVING LEGACY partner in tree-planting and scholarships provision.


lqlg-drone-image-training-centerWith the increasing incidence of devastating typhoons over the years, the slopes and peaks of Sierra Madre have stood their ground to buffer storms before they hit inland and create more havoc. But the Laguna-Quezon Land Grant (LQLG) team believes we may not have this luxury for long.

“The massive deforestation in the area has significantly weakened the mountain,” said For. Reynaldo E. Lorida, LQLG area manager.

This issue is being addressed by the LQLG team with the launching of the #Greening4SierraMadre campaign during the LQLG 88th Foundation Day at Brgy. Magsaysay, Siniloan, Laguna on Feb. 9.

The campaign encourages everyone to help save the Sierra Madre by planting and growing trees in the mountain range.

“We can appreciate the importance of our land grant if we look at it not just for UP but for the betterment of the environment,” said Dr. Virgilio T. Villancio, the Land Grant manager.

Gracing the event was UP President Danilo L. Concepcion, who, in his message, shared his vision to harness the potentials of the land grant to generate income for the whole UP System, aside from developing it as a research and experimental laboratory for faculty and students.

At the end of the program, For. Benjamin D. Arizala was awarded a plaque of recognition as the former Land Grant manager.

Others who attended the event were Dr. Elvira A. Zamora, UP vice president for development, and Dr. Marish S. Madlangbayan, UPLB vice chancellor for planning and development, who represented Chancellor Fernando C. Sanchez, Jr.

The LQLG is a 6,765-hectare property that straddles Siniloan, Laguna and Real, Quezon. It was acquired by UP on Feb. 8, 1930 by virtue of Republic Act 3608 – “An act endowing the University of the Philippines with portions of the public domain for additional support and maintenance, and for other purposes.” (John Glen S. Sarol)

Source: https://legacy.uplb.edu.ph/component/k2/918-laguna-quezon-land-grant-launches-greening4sierramadre-campaign

The LGMO helps maintain the Laguna-Quezon Land Grant (LQLG) site of over 9,000 hectares in the Sierra Madre Mountain Range, where from 29-30 January 2019, 57 British School Manila Year 3 students planted 1,000 native Philippine forest trees. The 2019 batch was the second BSM batch of Year 3 students to plant with FEED at the LQLG, demonstrating again a clear commitment to their eco-leadership, awareness, and action with regards the preservation of our environmental resources.

Under the headline Climate Change 101 Survival: Heeding Nature’s Call, and accompanied by 10 BSM Year 3 teachers and support staff, the 57 kids representing almost as many nationalities from around the world, participated in various games around the themes of coral REEForestation, environmental conservation and biodiversity management and how they can learn to lessen their overall individual ecological footprints. The games focused on fun in learning about the environment and how to respect nature and thrive together with all living creatures.

Suffice to say,  the forest guards who had planted with last year’s Grade 3 from BSM again stated, they are the “most eager and focused planters  we have every worked with”!

The FEED team are very grateful to BSM’s Year 3 team leader, Emma Swinnerton for again co-designing a climate change program of relevance and impact to the learning of these children who will one day also inherit the Earth and how to manage her resources sustainably, in whatever career/life paths they choose to pursue.

We encourage more youth leaders to get engaged in helping others clean and green our environment, starting with ourselves. Kudos to BSM and more power in all your advocacies!

BSM Climate Change Survival 101 Immersion: Collage

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In 2015, the Philippine government submitted to the United Nations the country’s commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The country committed to reduce its carbon emissions by 70 percent by 2030. The carbon dioxide reductions will come from the sectors of energy, transport, waste, forestry and industry.

FEED runs a number of Students and Volunteers for the Environment (SAVE)Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) – such as mangrove planting for coastal protection or ridge reforestation plantings; One Child, One Tree; Bio-Intensive Gardens (BIG) for nutrition in public elementary schools and other spaces; Climate Change Survival 101 and other LIVING LEGACY programs – customised environmental engagement activities for individuals and organisations interested in contributing to climate change adaptation efforts and greening critical areas such as watersheds, ridges, and reefs that all require rehabilitation.

Join us!  Help us reverse the Earth’s “hothouse climate” tipping point.

Tree-Planting with FEED

Check out the video journey by Clueless Commuter who planted with us last 24th of June 2017 to get a good idea of how FEED plantings go: https://youtu.be/KROn4rjVqBg


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