Fujitsu Staff Plant 840 “Living Legacy” Indigenous Philippine Trees to Reforest the Sierra Madres

27 August 2016, Siniloan, Laguna. Fujitsu Ten Solutions Philippines, Inc. (FTSPI) today planted 840 indigenous Philippine tree seedlings* with FEED and “Living Legacy: Plant a Tree, FEED Our Future” partner University of the Philippines Los Baños (UPLB), as part of their  environmental advocacies under the Environmental Management System (EMS) Program of Fujitsu led by their management with a total of 38 participants.

Fujitsu Logo*The species planted are listed below, and form part of a larger scale master plan documented by the UPLB covering the over 9,000 hectares of forest cover undergoing preservation and restoration efforts since the 1930’s when the land was granted by the Philippine Government to the University by virtue of Republic Act 3608 – covering two land grant areas in the southern portion of the Sierra Madre mountain ranges, namely the Laguna-Quezon Land Grant (LQLG) and the Laguna Land Grant (LLG), collectively referred to as the UP Sierra Madre Land Grants.

Qty Local Name* Scientific Name*
10 Kamuling Microcos stylocarpa
10 Dangula Teijsmaniodendron ahernianum
10 Bakad-pula Prunus rubigunosa
10 Balobo Diplodiscus paniculatus
120 Banilad Sterculia philippinenesis
100 Bolong-eta Diospyrus philippinensis
20 Dulitan Palaquium montanum
20 Lanete-puti Flacourtia rukam
150 Malaikmo Celtis philippinensis
300 Malaruhat Syzygium spp.
10 Malasaging Aglaia edulis
15 Malasantol Sandoricum vidalii
10 Marang Litsea glutinosa
25 Mayapis Shorea palosapis
20 Bitaog Calophyllum inophyllum
10 Bagtikan Parashorea  malaanonan

Thanks to Fujitsu for planting Living Legacies, another hectare of Philippine forest cover was restored in the Sierra Madre Mountain range, thereby also contributing to the Philippine target to offset our carbon emissions 70% by 2030 by the following eco-warriors:

President: Kazuhide Miyoshi
Vice President: Hitoshi Morimura
Vice President and EMS Representative: Ma. Gloria Joven

FTSPI Members:
1.Dionisio Lagunday Jr.
2. Ryu Ichi Hernandez
3. Johnson Bañas
4. Jobal Docot
5. John Paul Magat
6. Marianne Camille Basa
7. Fumihiro Yamasaki
8. Veronica Amos
9. April Kareena Irlanda
10. Maria Celina Cruz
11. Ancel John Tarras
12. Timothy Alan Pascual
13. Jomar Marcaida
14. Leopoldo Baral Jr.
15. Marivelle Cervantes
16. Israel Judah Beltran
17. Sane Buerano
18. Mary Margret Villagracia
19. Louie Sam Martinez
20. Dahlia Joy Barrientos
21. Jhanine Carpio
22. Jayson Dorigo
23. Leilani Salcedo
24. Jose Martin Jr.
25. Rowena Glipo
26. Divine Gay Del Rosario
27. Nurse Maria Jobelle Bajet

FTSPI Scholars from UP:
1. Andre Joseph Casupanan
2. Marela Mariz Cruz
3. Kim Estrada
4. Mark Johnery Idio
5. Anthony Lipata
6. Anne Hellene Salvacion
7. Wea Mea Alpecho
8. Ma. Patricia Ann Castro

“This activity is one way to payback the goods we used and received from the environment.” – Jobal Docot

“This is the least I can contribute in helping to campaign about saving our forest.” -Jose Martin

“This is the first time I learned that the (Philippine) law requires us to plant a number of trees in our lifetime. Our small little ways of conserving and rehabilitating the environment surely have a big effect on future generations.” – Ancel John Tarras

“I am proud that, as an individual, I contributed to the restoration of nature.”
– Jayson Dorigo

“Our country experienced a lot of calamities because we have no more trees to protect us. I felt as an individual I have a responsibility to help by planting them. It is my privilege to handle this activity for FTSPI and work together with FEED.” – Rowena Glipo

FEED Photo Tour:

Tree planting comprises only a part of FTSPI’s CSR program, which also covers HFujitsuTenCSRealth, Education, Livelihood and Community Development initiatives (see image), part of the Group’s broader endeavors to help hold the increase in the global average temperature to well below 2 degree Celsius, as adopted in the Paris Agreement at COP21, while striving to achieve zero emissions as a long term goal.

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About Fujitsu Ten Solutions Philippines, Inc. (FTSPI)

FTSPI was established in 1999 by Fujitsu Ten Limited (FTL) and Fujitsu Ten Corporation of the Philippines (FTCP). Formerly called Fujitsu Ten Software Philippines, Inc., FTSPI develops software for state of the art technology in Car Audio Visual and Communication Equipment, Car Multimedia, Car Electronics and Simulation devices. It also carries out research and design of prototype units, electrical circuits, mechanical parts, printed circuit boards for car audio-visual equipments, car accessories and car electronic parts.

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