Biogenic’s 1,000 Native Philippine (Mangrove) Trees Topped-up by Hagonoy Mayor’s 1,000 Commitment

Biogenic Alcohol2 June 2018, Hagonoy, Bulacan.  Thanks to Biogenic Alcohol, a leading brand of Cosmetique Asia Corporation in the Philippines, one thousand native Philippine mangrove trees were planted by 43 volunteers from Biogenic and Rakso CT – the marketing partner of Biogenic. (See full Photo Journey below).


The happy group travelled by several motorised banks and a Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) boat to the mangrove protected planting site organised by FEED’s Living Legacy partners the Hagonoy Fish Farmer Producer’s Cooperative – represented by its leader and long time planting partner of FEED, Mr. Vic Cruz in collaboration with the local ‘Bantay Dagat‘ (Sea Guards); Office of the Honorable Mayor of Hagonoy, Bulacan, Raulito ‘Amboy’ Manlapaz, Sr.; and the DENR.

This planting is one of many mangrove, coastal protection plantings FEED has organised and participated in with the direct support of various Municipalities in Bulacan Province, as part of the “Great Wall of Mangroves” being endorsed by the Governor’s office.

Bulacan Mangroves.jpgThe Great Wall of Mangroves was an initiative conceived by the current Mayor of Malolos, Honorable Christian Natividad, a long time advocate for ecological preservation and livelihood development in Malolos and Bulacan.

Coastal Community Profile Hagonoy

Physical Features


Hagonoy also hosts approximately 50% of the fisherfolk in Bulacan Province.

Biogenic’s support of these initiatives also forms part of the Province’s greater vision to develop an integrated coastal zone management protected area in Bulacan and Pampanga provinces, as initiated by the  Alyansa ng mag Babying Bayan ng Bulacan at Pampanga (ABB-BP) – an independent non-profit organisation focused on solutions supporting Disaster Resilience & Flood Protection.

Hon. Mayor Amboy’s site was selected as the ideal location at this time, as it passed FEED’s criteria for site selection, as it is a typical fishing pond of which the majority of Hagonoy bases its livelihood sources from. FEED’s site criteria selected were based primarily on:

  • the safety of participants, including arrival up to access, planting and departure from site;
  • level of pragmatic solutions benefiting the community in terms of flood protection and alternative livelihood development source;
  • intervention success rate, i.e. survival of species;
  • level of criticality/urgency, vis a vis other areas requiring coastal/fluvial protection or livelihood source;
  • maintenance and monitoring capabilities of the site/those responsible for the site;  and
  • demonstrating the highest level of potential to prototype and set an example for other sites.

In immediate response to Biogenic’s commitment to plant 1000 mangrove seedings, Hon. Mayor Amboy himself sponsored an additional 1000 seedlings to be planted in the surrounding fish ponds, having deliberated after talks with FEED and the Hagonoy Fish Farmer Producer’s Cooperative, the possibility to initiate new ordinances requiring all private fish ponds to protect their manmade or natural dikes by means of planting mangroves along their own perimeters.

Thank you Biogenic and Rakso CT for planting for the second time with FEED, and for again displaying your strength, resilience and commitment to preserving our Philippine environment for all!

Photo Journey


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