How does a rice farmer become a fisherman? Neighbours in Need: Alliance of Coastal Towns in Bulacan & Pampanga Formalise MOU for Coastal Resilience!

17467957_1460713210614614_846153153_n.jpg24 March 2017, Malolos, Bulacan.  The “Alyansa ng mag Babying Bayan sa Bulacan at Pampanga” (ABB-BP) is a group of 8 concerned Mayors backed by local government units  that formed an alliance to protect the coastal communities of Bulacan and Pampanga Provinces, to establish, align and therefore strengthen their respective adaptation capacities and efforts towards fluvial and coastal flooding for disaster resilience, by implementing programs and projects that address the needs of their respective communities for the protection of livelihood sources.

From a predominately 70% rice-illustrious and self-sustaining province twenty years ago, Bulacan rice farmers have had to find alternative, equally sustainable solutions to combat rising flood and saltwater intrusion and erosion; then make the shift towards fishing or other aquatic livelihood sources. How does a rice farmer become a fisherman?

Angel Cruz, former Mayor of Hagonoy, and a key designer of the ABB-BP, Bulacan mentioned: “We cannot do this alone, because even if only Hagonoy or Malolos designed climate resilient solutions such as mangrove plantings, all the other coastal towns will still flood and lose their livelihoods if don’t do this together “.

Mayor of Malolos, Christian Dionisio Natividad (2010 – Present), inspired the collaborative sense of community amongst the 25+ LGU representatives in attendance, some  on behalf of their Mayors.  Mayor Natividad resonated the need to honor the ABB-BP’s long-standing 7-year efforts to protecting the coastal communities, sustainably managing pollution, and creating/implementing an integrated system of flood prevention mechanisms.

FEED thanks Malolos native Marcelina ‘Ace’ Tolentino Itchon – one of the GLOBAL Filipina Women’s Network (FWN)‘s 100 Most Influential Filipina Women in the World (2015 and 2016), President and CEO, Aspen Phils. Inc. for connecting us to the ABB-BP.   We will stand beside you as you guide us towards long-overdue climate change adaptation interventions for our neighbours in need.

Slide Show: March 24, 2017  presentation of the Memorandum of Agreement to the “Alyansa ng mag Babying Bayan sa Bulacan at Pampanga” (ABB-BP)

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“One Child, One Tree” – conceived by Natalia Sali, will extend it reach beyond Bulacan to other coastal communities experiencing similar challenges.

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Join us in building the “Great Wall of Mangroves” that Mayor Natividad of Malolos, the ABB-BP, FEED and other partners envision for all our coastal communities in the Philippines!

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