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FEED runs the following Living Legacy programs as a tribute to the environment and education, for special groups, individual and corporate/organisational volunteers, donors and supporters interested (click on links below for more information):

  1. Adopt a Coral/Coral Propagation
  2. Climate Change Survival 101 – Basic Environmental Stewardship
  3. ECOSURF – Get Stoked on Sustainability (incl. Coral Propagation)
  4. FEED Ambassadors Program – Environmental Advocacy & Leadership in Action
  5. FEED Your Future – Internship /On the Job Training Program
  6. FOOD FORESTS with Bio-Intensive Gardens
  7. Forest Fitness Eco-Adventure Trail
  8. LIVING LEGACY Individual Patron’s Program – Lifetime Members
  9. ONE CHILD, ONE TREE – Public Elementary School Planting Program
  10. One Shirt, One Tree – Planting in your Name
  11. RIDGE to REEF Program – (Critical) Watershed Restoration & Rehabilitation
  12. SEEDs for FEED (S4F) – Seedling & Nursery Site Development
  13. FEED Students & Volunteers for the Environment (SAVE) Patrons – Individual Membership
  14. FEED Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Patrons – Organisational Members

FEED’s LIVING LEGACY programs were set up to engage the public at large in the much needed tree-planting and reforestation efforts throughout the Philippines. Individuals and/or companies and other organisations can choose to either become an Individual Patron or Corporate Patron, contribute to the SEEDs for FEED or Students & Volunteers for the Environment (SAVE) programs; or support the integrated and sustainable management of Philippine watersheds.

FEED also works with various local authorities, private sector and NGOs to replant alongside national highways as”green corridors” and large tracts of land, also mobilizing the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) who provide the necessary manpower required to materialise such projects on a large scale.

Contact FEED to customise your own LIVING LEGACY Program:; call/text +63(0)917 552 4722.

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