Living Legacies: Purposeful Planting for your Own Cause

21 January 2017, Siniloan, Laguna.  On this day, 9 Students &  Volunteers for the Environment (SAVE) accompanied by 5 UPLB Foresters planted 160 indigenous Philippine trees at the Laguna Quezon Land Grant in Siniloan, Laguna for their own respective causes, and as part of their annual commitment to the environment and in in recognition of:

Philippine Presidential Decree 1153 “requiring every citizen of the Philippines at least ten (10) years of age, actually residing therein, unless physically disabled to do so, shall plant one tree every month for five (5) consecutive years.


The 7 SAVE comprised 5 students from the Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP)* and 2 friends of FEED^, including 2 FEED guides, namely:

  • Jinky E. Estrevencion*
  • Jasmin Joy Jimenez*
  • Jane Lagsit*
  • Jennelyn Fatal*
  • Lou Apacible*
  • Marcelina “Ace” Itchon;
  • Eden Fuster;
  • Diane Penales; and
  • Anne-Marie Mananquil Bakker.

Ace also planted 80 native hardwood Batino trees in memory of her mother Claudia for a “selfless life well lived, every adult’s mother and every child’s grandma”.

On this date, FEED also planted 50 indigenous Philippine trees in honour of:

  • Wonder Foundation Logo.jpgCharlene Ching (Twitter: @cdching11), a Philippine citizen and London-based FEED supporter who is considering a return home. We planted 50 seedlings for her birthday, to honour her numerous advocacies, namely: Filipino culture and talent promotion in the UK and fundraising for social projects in the Philippines. Charlene is also an avid Brompton cyclist, connector and “foodie”, a Wonder Foundation pioneer supporting  local projects around the world that primarily support women and girls, acting as a stimulus to end poverty and improve wellbeing across families and communities; and
  • VGIB.jpgJetro Vin Raphael, Robert Alejandro & van Gogh is Bipolar – more than just a cafe. it is a mood-healing sanctuary. a safe haven when you are feeling depressed, stressed, agitated or just having a bad hair day. vGiB serves The Mood-Healing Diet known to make you happy and calm.

Years ago, FEED used to plant regularly with the Philippine Army’s (PA) 2nd Infantry Division in Laguna/Quezon provinces, and 7th ID in other areas of Northern Luzon – up to 1000 seedlings per hour depending on the available soldiers. Now that the PA are not as readily available due to higher security issues nationwide, FEED has been responding  to increasing private sector requests to adopt a LIVING LEGACY, or tree planting and other Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) interventions anywhere from “Ridge to Reef” and particularly, or as encouraged by FEED agro-forestry advisors, in critical areas such as Lon Oy (sometimes known as Baroro) Watershed in La Union.

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